World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

CLARA (The state Governor’s daughter)
Episode 54
[*Clara is seen horse riding with Donpatric who rode behind
her, smiling confidently]
******[Clara’s side of the story continues,]
‘’You remind me of so many things my dear. You remind me
of good old times but unfortunately good things never last’’
Donpatric breathed, riding closer to me while I nervously
tried to control my horse. Even though i was a very fast
learner, I couldn’t really believe I could ride such a big
animal on my own after few attempts.
‘’You are a very strong and beautiful girl Clara, no wonder
you are driving Ben crazy’’ he praised. I stared at him
‘’Why are you against my relationship with Ben?’’ I
curiously asked. He breathed deeply.
‘’That’s a story for another day my dear. I bet you will get
tired of my stories’’ he promised while I scoffed and shook
my head.
‘’Anyway my story is really a long one. I lost my parents
during the civil war when I was barely fifteen years old. My
dad was a Biafran soldier who died at Nsukka war front. He
died for what he believed in. he died saving Nsukka from the
Nigerian army invasion. My mother, my good old woman
died at Okigwe when the Nigerian army surrounded the
town. My only uncle died helping us escape to Okwelle. He
pushed back a whole company of soldiers with his Dane
gun while we ran towards Okwelle. Of course we never
heard from him again. He definitely died’’ the old man
narrated, stopping briefly while I nodded for him to
‘’After the civil war, I had no one to run to, no family to help
out and no relative to look up on. There wasn’t any job, I
had no education, and my life was just empty. I gave up on
life and did some terrible things just to get enough money to
head to Lagos. On getting to Lagos I upgraded my life of
crime and built an empire. I made lots of money doing what
no one would do and here I’m living well. Yes I regret a lot
of things and I equally made lots of terrible mistakes. But
the thing I regret the most was the young sales girl I raped
and impregnated for no just reason. Don’t look at me that
way my dear. Of course I took responsibility but she died
giving birth to the baby and I had no choice than to play a
very dirty trick with a friend just to ensure that the young
child had the best care and family’’ he stopped while I
silently waited for him to continue but he said nothing else.
‘’So the child, does he or she know about you?’’ I asked. He
‘’No she doesn’t and it’s better that way. Moreover I have a
wife and three kids in London’’ he added with a smile.
Somehow I was getting a bit comfortable with him and his
reason for not wanting Ben to be with me was another thing
that kept bugging my mind.
‘’I know what you are thinking right now, but don’t worry i
still have many stories to share’’ he promised and carefully
got down from his horse while I breathed deeply.
[Mike’s side of the story continues later that same evening]
‘’I’m so worried for Clara. I don’t even know if she’s still
alive. We just have nothing and no one is talking, not even
her mother is showing enough concern’’ I breathed in
frustration as I fell on my bed while Jennifer smiled and
watched me.
‘’Just relax, we have two agents watching Ben every
minute. It’s just a matter of time before he leads us to Clara
or to her abductors’’ she assured me confidently.
‘’I just can’t wait. I just can’t wait’’ I breathed desperately. World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent
She smiled, drew closer and pulled off her top, revealing her
bosoms which were tightly held by her bra. My eyes almost
popped out with surprise.
‘’How about we get busy?’’ she suggested, jumping on me
like a wild cat.
[Meanwhile just at the outskirts of the town, the two agents
sent to watch over Ben are seen lying unconscious in their
car while Ben and his men are seen heading out of town in
a convoy of thirty trucks].
[At the governor’s mansion, Vivian is seen looking out of
her window and crying silently while the governor’s wife is
seen at her bedroom kneeling and reciting the holy rosary
with a chaplet she held on her right hand].
[At Donpatric’s castle, Clara is seen lying quietly in her
room in deep thoughts, but suddenly she jumps up and
heads to the toilet to throw up. She couldn’t help but
wonder why she had been throwing up all day with fear
written over her as something struck in her mind, while at
the other side of the castle Donpatric is seen smoking a big
cigar at his large balcony as he gazed at the stars. There
wasn’t any doubt he already knew Ben was on his way].
A battle between two men lies ahead. Only one of them
could end up surviving.
To be continued……..
Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle line has been drawn. But
permit me to quickly remind you all that war does not end
when you come home, It lives on in memories of your
friends who gave their lives. It endures in the wound that is
slow to heal, the disability that isn't going away, or the
dream that wakes you at night.
Stay tuned!