Unparalleled Emperor

ANTE DIEM SEPTIMVM IDVS IVLIAS OCTINGENTI SEPTVAGINTA VNVS AB VRBE CONDITA (July 9 118 AD) the Emperor PVBLIVS ÆLIVS TRAIANVS HADRIANVS (Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus) known simple as HADRIANVS (Hadrianus) in English form Hadrian enter Rome On July 9th, 118 AD Emperor HADRIANVS (Adriano) returns to Rome from Syria.Before entering he had given the citizens three gold coins, equivalent to 75 paydays for a worker.On the occasion of his entrance he made food distributionsHe condemned all debts for unpaid taxes.At the time of the death of his predecessor the emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan), which took place on 8 August 117 AD at SELINVS in Cilicia, the current Gazipaşa in Turkey, he was in the East engaged in military actions.Only in 118 AD, HADRIANVS (Hadrian) reached Rome to be officially crowned by the SENATVS (Senate), the first thing he did was immediately make him forget his suspected election as emperor, considered by some as a usurpation, which was told that Plotina wife of the late emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) and ATTIANVS (Attianus), the former guardian of HADRIANVS (Hadrian), have hidden for a few days the death of the same emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) and have prepared the false adoption of HADRIANVS (Hadrian) with a macabre staging, ATTIANVS (Attianus) imitated the voice of the emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) electing HADRIANVS (Hadrian) as his successor.The army acclaimed HADRIANVS (Hadrian) as the new emperor and received a double donation of what the emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) had granted at the time of his appointment. Thus at the age of 42, HADRIANVS (Hadrian) became emperor.HADRIANVS (Hadrian) appointed ATTIANVS (Attianus), his former TVTOR (tutor), and Similis PRÆFECTI PRÆTORI (praetorian prefects). Waiting for his arrival he sent them to Rome to take control of the capital. CAIVS CALPVRNIVS CRASSVS (Gaius Calpurnius Crassus), accused by ATTIANVS (Attianus), was put to death.He made him forget (he was absent) the hasty consent given by SENATVS (Senate) to have four consular men without trial, who had prepared themselves, we do not know for what rancor or if the accusations were certain, to assassinate him, in spite of promised not to execute death sentences against members of SENATVS (Senate) who were:LVSIVS QVIETVS (Lusius Quietus), the general who had tamed Mesopotamia, was killed while he was traveling.- CORNELIVS PALMA (Cornelius Palma), the conqueror of Arabia, was put to death in TERRACINÆ (Terracina).- PVBLIVS CELSVS (Publilius Celsus) was killed in BAIÆ (Bacoli) Naples.- OVIDIVS NIGRINVS (Ovidius Nigrinus), PROCONSVL (proconsul) of Achaia, was killed in FACENTIA (Faenza) Ravenna.During the PRINCIPATVS (principality) of the emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) only one senator was sentenced to death and the emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) was not informed.He ably poured all responsibility for their death on SENATVS (Senate). He certainly hadn't said them, he condemned those men.Equally cleverly the Senators' favor was attracted when he swore that he would not punish from now on under his mandate, no SENATOR (Senator), if not with a sentence pronounced by the Senators themselves.The emperor HADRIANVS (Hadrian) began his PRINCIPATVS (principality) in terror. To recover credit from the senators, he blamed it on ATTIANVS (Attianus) which was removed from the office of PRÆFECTVS PRÆTORIVS (praetorian prefect). ATTIANVS (Attiano, of equestrian rank, was awarded with the consular rank and senatorial dignity. New PRÆFECTVS PRÆTORIVS (praetor prefect) was named General MARCIVS TVRBO (Marcius Turbo).Similis, from the SVLPICII family, was also discharged. It was replaced by SEPTICIVS CLARVS (Septicius Clarus).With regards to the people, to win the favor, "First and only to do so", his generosity was unparalleled "He freed all citizens from debt" by ordering to burn all the documents accumulated over the years towards the State , which the emperor TRAIANVS (Trajan) had already done previously. Unparalleled Emperor