To be a Virtuous Wife

Get over it, he won (sort of).

"The thrill of victory, for many Trump backers, has been replaced by something closer to disgust – the kind of disgust that makes people turn off the news.

They still back the president. But they express sharp resentment of the president’s perceived enemies in the media and official Washington, and describe fatigue from defending a political figure who does not always make it easy. In a striking number of interviews, the conversation eventually turns to the candidate Trump beat eight months ago – Clinton – whose alleged trespasses are brandished to answer questions about Trump’s alleged trespasses. To be a Virtuous Wife

To the extent that Trump may be corrupt, his supporters say, Clinton would have been worse – so much worse, to the thinking of some Trump voters, that even if Trump had cheated to win the election, it was worth it.

For now, any Trump voters who might be nursing doubts about the president are mostly not advertising that sentiment to the media. “They don’t want to admit that they may be wrong"

Trump supporters still fixate on Clinton as mood darkens As Trump falters, supporters in a Pennsylvania county that swung Republican in 2016 blame the media for his woes and insist Hillary Clinton would be