Titan Academy of Special Abilities

Okay Facebook friends and family, so to start off I don't want anyone to panic or worry. We are still in pediatrics for Addie because she had lost more than the correct amount of weight babies usually do. And she hasn't been able to put it back on, this is due to the fact that she was born with a mild cleft palate. I know the first thing everyone thinks is a gaping hole in the lip and roof of the mouth. Hers is more like where the uvula (dangly thing at the back of your throa ... t) is supposed to be, she doesn't have it. Now, I've learned a lot about that part of the body, she isn't creating enough suction to get milk down. We had the speech therapist lady come in and show us a few things, since then she sucked down an entire bottle, no choking, no spit up. Further down the line she will need surgery to fix a possible speech problem, but right now priority is feeding, and she is doing better with it. As long as she keeps feeding and putting the proper weight on we can go home. Titan Academy of Special Abilities

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