Thriller Paradise

My friend Tara Conroy is an extraordinary Momma, but what she did in the past 8 days; wow!!!!! Here it is in her words....

I ROCKED the ???? REDBOX!!! ????
My 8 day........ ???? RESULTS ????

I JUST had a baby ONLY 7 WEEKS ago....
can you say....... WOWZERS!!! ???? !!! ???? !!!!
I was cautious and a bit of a skeptic until NOW!! JUST Check out these results baby, in 8 short days!! ???? !!

???? Here are my RESULTS!! ????
My Before and after MEASUREMENTS!!

•My Before pics/started on Monday July 10/17
•After pics/after 8 Days Tuesday July 18/17

Waist. •36 1/4. = 33.3/8
Thigh • 21 1/4. =20.6
Chest. •35 3/4. =34.
Neck. •14.0 =12.5.
Arm •11.0 =10.

Scale/ Weight.

•July 10/17. 139.6
•July 18/17. 130.8.

???? TOTAL of 8.8 Lbs!!! ????

As a nursing Mother of a precious newborn, and an extremely busy mom with 4 kiddos at home, 2 of them are beautiful gifts, they are special needs... SO let me rephrase that... I am BUUUSY, as 3 kids are 3 and under ???? , and my partner works away SO I run the house solo just as much as he works each and every month!!

Let me share my story..... I was miserable from the inside... out!! I am on a prescription antidepressant suffering from "Postpartum," "extreme exhaustion" was my daily struggle.... not just in the day time, but nursing and pumping throughout the night!! My weight from just having a baby, I was not overly bothered by the extra pounds, BUT not thrilled with how I looked after the trauma I put my body through these past years, carrying gods little precious works of art!! I suffered from never feeling rested... I didn't SLEEP, until NOW, I am SLEEPING like I never have before!!! I was feeling absolutely runned Down, in that which brought on a number of issues.... all kinds of aches and pains, horrible skin, to my outbursts of my actions as the way I felt as my hormones were up and down all over the place!! My concern trying the program was working the 8 days while I was nursing.... I have done my research before I begun, my breast milk supply was a demand for me, I was at an all time low, being on prescription medication and doing absolutely everything and anything to have a sufficient supply in my freezer, JUST wasn't working!! Well now....... bring on the freezer bags, this mama has MILK!!!! Thriller Paradise ???? My gorgeous friend Nicky Rempell approached me and ask me if I would love to give myself a gift so I can be the BEST I can be to take care of OUR busy beautiful young family!! What I was doing was NOT working, SO heck YEEEEEES I jumped on board!! Looking at these pictures I can't believe it myself... BUT the biggest results for me are from the inside.... the WAY I FEEL!!! NO aches and pains, to my skin, how I feel, shinny hair, my abundance of ENERGY I have...... you can't put a price tag on that!! So ASK me AGAIN?!??! WHAT did I have to LOOSE..... ???? The old, tired miserable me, I took control and I'm SO thankful this opportunity came my way, I'm getting involved and thrilled to share my story and help others, FEEL BETTER, L ???? K BETTER, LIFE BETTER!! SO can you, your worth it!! " ?? "!!

The REDBOX system is all natural and pure because it is naturally sourced, non-GMO, and works along side Whole Foods (no chemical foods/pre-packaged foods) we have had numerous nursing mom's have great success with this system, with no harm to baby.

In your RED BOX kit you get your initial 8 day detox ignight kit, Global blend juice, Axion Vitamins, Xyng natural energy, Lean shake mix/ meal replacement, your accelerate, for before meals, fat burning supplement, your Cheat capsules, flush capsules, as well as your Daily schedule, shaker, meal plans, and eating schedule!!

Ask us about the program, who wouldn't want to try... WHAT do you have to LOOSE?!! Except your over tiredness, aches and pains, weight, even inches, Annnnd SO much more, this AMAZING company stands by their all natural products and will give ???? % 30 Day MONEY back guaranteed with NO questions asked!!

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