The Peculiar's Tale (hiatus)

CONVERSATION WITH SALVADOR DALI: (What was you "idea" of life as you lived it as an artist?) "To be me - truthfully I "knew" myself." (What do you believe was your inspiration?) "I literally created from the "well of existence", every painting contains my birthing from one dimension to another. Every image in my paintings are reacting one might say, spiritually to transformation - the attempts at their 'elevations' transform them, and isolate them as One - and bestow on them an "otherness" that is without experience or time. All is suspended - however if one looks away one is compelled to look again to understand - eternity. All the objects in my paintings 'modify' their shapes and existence in an effort to "attract" me to their purpose - as their painter and Creator. I was asked to participate in their landscapes of perpetual desire and never ending mordifications - their world I painted was more "real" to me than "real" life and far more meaningful. I was lifted, and extolled, and given reign to achieve the dizzying heights of seeing what could be Created - when one touched other dimensions. I was an architect of the universe in my lifetime one might 'see' me painting - with the entire molecular system of my physical body vibrating in an expanded state of being - a glow that seems to other than physical - metaphysical. (Thank you. You also created impacting and powerful sculpture.) "There is no difference - in what is Created. It comes from he same source - a vision of infinity. (The infinitus - that describes your work so well...."Dali and the Infinitus"...You also felt the "power" of the physical.) "Yes, however it was a physical alienated from the world - as it was birthed in another dimension 'resembling' the physical but not living "as" - an illusion basically. But one that I could control as I Created it. (If you could live the life of Dali again---?) "I have no regrets. I have achieved the stars and they promise me many births of enlightenment." (Thank you.) "Most welcome. SD.". (-edited for length/in conversation with Salvador Dali and Canadian sculptor Murar, July 20, 2017). The Peculiar's Tale (hiatus)