The Legend of the Condor Heroes

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Golden CYCLE Zambia 18 January at 02:30

Has promised to our esteemed clients we are running out a best promotion just for you, we have reduced prices to push the future for you........we are the entry The Legend of the Condor Heroes ... point to the future make orders and get it delivered to your location in an hour's time
Contact sales management 0979897570
●from........... To........................
•Samsung J36 @K1,49________________________•k1,100
•Samsung J5Prime @K1,899___________________•k1,599
_Samsung J5Pro @K2,499_____________________•k2,200
•Samsung J7Prime @K2,699____________________•k2,299
•Samsung S3 @K1,199__________________________•k1000
•Samsung S4 @K1,399__________________________ •k1,100
•Samsung S5 @K1,599__________________________ •k1,299
•Samsung S6 @K2,799__________________________ •k2,599
•Samsung S6 edge @K3,099_____________________•k2,799
•Samsung S6 Edge+@K3,699____________________•k3,200
•Samsung S7 @K3,299__________________________ •k2,900
•Samsung S7edge k4,100________________________ •k3,599
•Samsung S8 @K5,899___________________________ •k5,499
•Samsung S8+ @K6,499__________________________ •k6000
Note series>>
•Note3 @K1,899_______________________________•k1,500
•Note4 @K2,499_______________________________•k2,100
•Note5 @K3,499_______________________________•k3000
Note8 @K7,499_______________________________ •k7000
Apple iPhones
•iPhone 5s 16GB @K2,399_______________________•k2000
•IPhone 5s 32GB @K2,599_______________________•k2,100
•iPhone 6 16GB @K2,999________________________•k2,700
•IPhone 6 64GB @K3,499________________________•k3000
•iPhone 6s 16GB @K3,999______________________ •k3,700
•iPhone 6s 64GB @K4,399______________________•k4000
•iPhone 6+16GB @K3,999______________________ •k3,799
•iPhone 6+64GB @K4,399______________________ •k4000
•iPhone 6s+ 16GB @K4,399____________________ •k4,100
•iPhone 6s+ 64GB @K4,899____________________ •k4,499
•iPhone 7 32GB @K5,299_______________________•k5000
•iPhone 7+ 32GB @K7,499_____________________ •k6,999
SONY Z Xperia>>
•SONY Z1 @K1,599
•SONY Z2 @K1,899
•SONY Z3 @K2,499
•HTC M7 @K1,499
•HTC M8 @K1,900
_HTC M9 @K2,499
Huawei Models also available