The King of the Battlefield

Thank you Lord....Good morning today l would like us to think of,,,,,people we used to share birthday dates but they are no more, our old childhood friends who are no more,youth friends who are no more,work or business friends who are no more,family members who are no more, is not by chance or that we are too good that we are still alive but something called # FAVOR # from Lord is upon us...kururira (favor,kukubalika,gwitikirika).Let us thank God this morning and pray that May his favor be upon us in our everyday activity.When His favor falls on someone the impossible becomes possible and where there seems to be no way a way is automatically created.Upon his favor your battles are fought in a way you don't know how.Upon his favor many are interviewed or apply for jobs but only those upon favor get the job...Its favor that lend Joseph to be a king even after being sold as a slave,,,,,,lt was through favor Esther a slave girl became a queen,,,,Favor fell on Baby Moses instead of being killed he was brought up in the kings palace,,,,,,God favored Sarah at her old age,,,,Hannah too was favored despite owning barren as a title..After Ruth refused to leave Naomi she was favor fell on her and Boaz made her not a worker in his yard but the owner by marrying her.......It doesn't matter the title you are known by today.....When God's favor falls upon you ,,,,,you shall automatically change your title to the best..HALLELUJAH!!.Thank you Lord this morning for what he unexpectedly did in your life and you said waooh! God did this.....Favored day dear ones The King of the Battlefield