The Godking's Legacy

The time has come for all Americans to decide if they are going to support America or Donald Trump because we cannot do both. As Americans we can no longer support a vindictive president who ridicules disabled people, insults P.O.W's, veterans and Gold Star families, or brags about sexually assaulting the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of this country. As Americans we can no longer support a narcissistic president who continues to divide our country with hate, anger and fear by only appealing to his base instead of trying to unite America. As Americans we can no longer support a deceitful president who lies by changing his story every time he speaks, violates human rights and would destroy our health care system along with this Republican congress just to give tax breaks to the wealthy. As Americans we can no longer support a vengeful president who attacks the free press declaring that freedom of speech is the enemy of the people and who denigrates, insults and undermines our intelligence agencies. As Americans we can no longer support an unpatriotic president who will criticize our allies yet will not denounce our enemies. If you still support this president, you also support all the deviate behavior listed above including the abandonment of human values, a corruption of our Constitution, and a betrayal of the America we hope to be. As Americans we pledge our allegiance to America not to Donald Trump. ~ Gary Borgnis (Feel free to copy and paste this post.) The Godking's Legacy # ChooseTruthOverTrump
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