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Ayun na nga, nag punta kame ni fiancée sa 3rd bridal fair , sa smx convention MOA. Pang 3rd bridal fair na namen. Actually, nakaka addick ang bridal fair, if only the budget is unlimited edi ang saya talaga.
This post will show you the prices of different suppliers during the bridal fair. Ang price increase naman nila is probably yearly naman, kaya most probably ito pa din yung price nila for year 2019. Of course these rates are subject to change pa din.
My advice kapag pumupunta kayo sa bridal fair is kunin niyo muna lahat ng fliers then upo kayo sa tabi then pag usapan niyo ni fiancée yung mga potential suppliers and ang mga pasok sa budget ninyo then saka nyo balikan at mag pa explain kayo sa mga tao sa booth. In that way hindi kayo mag wawaste ng time sa pakikinig sa mga suppliers na out of the budget na at baka masaktan lang kayo.hehe. Unless dream nyo talaga yung supplier nay un, malay mo mag work out sa budget. Prayers and faith lang. Anyways ang daldal ko na, sasabihin ko na talaga yung mga price. The Dao of Magic

Photo and Video
The creation media - With a lot of freebies
• Treasure Package (Photo and Videos) – Php75,000.00 - With 5,000 discounts
3 Photographers and 3 Videographers
Photo – With 450 edited pictures and unlimited raw pictures
Onsite Photo, AVP Photo Slide Show, Engagement Session, wedding and prenup album
Save the date, SDE, Edited high lights, all edited files in DVD and USB
• Commitment Package (Photo and Video) – Php65,000
Same with Treasure Package, the difference is only the type of album.
• Majesty Package (Photo) – Php35,000 - With Php3,000 discount
3 Photographers,450 edited photos, unlimited raw photos, On Site Photo, album with box.
• Magic Package – (Video only) – Php35,000 – with Php3,000 discount
4 videographers, SDE, Final Edited High Lights, all edited files in DVD and USB.
• Woodstock light – Normal Price is Php65,000 Bridal Price is Php55,000
3 Videographers, SDE, Full wedding coverage, raw videos flash drive.
• Woodstock Brown - Normal Price is Php74,000 Bridal Price is Php64,000
3 Videographers, SDE, Full wedding coverage, raw videos flash drive, Wedding Film or Prenup Video.
• Woodstock Luxury - Normal Price is Php81,000 Bridal Price is Php71,000
3 Videographers, SDE, Full wedding coverage, raw videos flash drive, Wedding Film and Prenup Video.

Shoot me Photo
• Premium - Normal Price is Php110,000 Bridal Price is Php90,000
4 Photographers, Photo AVP, Prenup and Prenup AVP, Prenup Photo Print on Board, Framed Photo Blow Out Print, Premium Wedding Album, Parent’s Album, Prenup Album and 100 pcs 4R print.
• Deluxe - Normal Price is Php85,000 Bridal Price is Php65,000
4 Photographers, Photo AVP, Prenup and Prenup AVP, Prenup Photo Print on Board, Framed Photo Blow Out Print, Premium Wedding Album, Parent’s Album, Prenup Album and 50 pcs 4R print.
Note: The difference between Premium and Deluxe Package is only the sizes and types of album.
• Basic - Normal Price is Php60,000 Bridal Price is Php50,000
3 Photographers, On Site Photo SDE, Prenup, Framed, Wedding and Prenup Album
400 enhanced wedding phots and 100 for prenup
POSH Studio
Contact Details: 09178817674
• The Basic - Normal Price is Php40,000 Bridal Price is Php29,000 – Photo Only
• Everything you need - Normal Price is Php55,000 Bridal Price is Php40,000 - Photo Only
• Everything you want - Normal Price is Php95,000 Bridal Price is Php65,000 – Photo Only
• Your Heart’s Desire - Normal Price is Php160,000 Bridal Price is Php120,000 – Photo Only
• Posh and Dream Real – Photo and Video - Php95,000 to Php60,000
• Posh and Dream Real – Photo and Video – Php120,000 to Php90,000
Dreamechanics – Video Only
• Php 29,000 to Php80,000.00
The Day Dreamer Studios – Photo Only
• Php30,000 to Php80,000
Big Bliss Weddings and MOV Films – Photo and Video
Contact Details: – 09178009596 and 09158998008
• Php110,000 and Php135,000
Notion in Motion – Video Only
Contact Details: 09152911344 and 09179720063
Timeless – Php120,000 to Php105,000
Stories – Php100,000 to Php90,000

Sunset and Pines – Photo and Video
Contact Details: 0917 3296945
Standard Package – Php Php40,000 to Php 38,000
Elite Package – Php80,000 to Php65,000
Premium Package – Php60,000 to Php57,000

Icebox Imaging – Videographer
Promo Rates Php65,000 to Php80,000
Blissful House
Photo Only
Php60,500 to Php80,500
Video Only
Php60,500 to Php80,500
Photo and Video
Php100,500 to Php 140,500
Contact Details: 0908 8731912

Air Balloon Project - Photo
Php35,00 to Php 65,000 – Promo Rate
Contact Details: 0917 795 0785
Bamboo Kite – Photo
Php 40,000 to Php 70,000
Contact Details: 09088876876

Floral Wall – Regular Rate :PHP 7,000 to Php15,500
Contact Details: 09175248076

Wedding Coordinator
Contact Number: 09175409557
They have different coordination package like on the day, semi coordination and full coordination that cost Php18,000 to Php60,000 during bridal fair. They also have emcee or host which cost Php7,500 during the bridal fair. They also have a lot of souvenirs to choose from.
Sweet Comfort Events Management
Coordination ranges from Php30,000 to Php78,000
Contact Details:0917 774 2004

FYI Events
Contact Details:332 5255 / 0927 226 2333

Laiya Gourmet
Contact Details: (02) 2946866 / 09171758819
Chef by Winston Luna
Contact Details: 0922 848 5808
(02) 369 4461

Tres Hermanas
All in Package during the Bridal Fair – Php25,000 for ceremony and reception
Contact Details: 0917 5447625

Bridal Attire

Contact Details:
363 F Lozada St. Phase 3 Gatchalian Subd. Las Pinas

During the Bridal Fair they offer packages ranging from Php35,000 to Ph88,000

Kat Corpus
Bridal Fair Rate for Packages – Php89,000 to Php150,000 {Lot of Freebies na)
Contact Details: 0917 1381122

Hotel Venue
Le Blanc - Antipolo
Contact Details: (02) 234 97 69 and 0917 5023622
Garden Venue
Farm Hills Garden - Cavite
Contact Details: 0927 410 3705
Hotel Kimberly – Tagaytay
Contact Details: (046) 483 8888 / 0917 620 8304

Los Arboles – Tagaytay Venue
Php 65,000 to Php185,000 - Promo Rates
Contact Details: 0998 9962 502

Print Divas
Php1,700 to Php3,500 for 50 sets – Promo Packages
Global Invitations
Contact Details: 0918 403 3939 / 0932 728 3597 / (02) 353 97 57
Paper Thread
0917 5533940

Lights and Sounds
RGB Lights and Sounds
Contact Details:0915 2570235 – Php8,000 to Php15,000

Contact Details: 0917 3037200 / (02) 655 4473
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