The Average Man

SSC Exam: 2019
English 1st & 2nd Paper Short Suggestion

Seen passage (Q1-3)
1. Facebook is a directory of photos………into a curse.
2. A responsibility is a duty……….. ***
3. Bangladesh is called……….. ***
4. Mans is social ……… ***
5. The importance of learning English.

Unseen passage (Q4-5)
1. Mother Teresa is a dedicated soul……..
2. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest……. ***
3. Hazrat Ali (R) was born in……..***
4. Kazi Nazrul Islam is our …………***

Paragraph Writing :
1. National Flag
2. School Magazine
3. Load shedding
4. Tree Plantation
5. Traffic Jam 6.Environment Pollution***

Completing Story Writing:
1. A liar shepherd
2. Unity is strength
3. A thirsty crow
4. The fox without a tail
5. Robert Bruce.

SSC English 1st paper question

Describing graphs & charts
1. LThe literacy rate of Bangladesh in different years….. The Average Man
2. Results of different exams……
3. Population growth…..
4. Internet and Facebook users……
5. The average temperature in Bangladesh

Informal Letter Writing:
1. Congratulating him on his brilliant result***
2. Importance of learning English***
3. Invitation birthday party
4. About your aim in life
5. Describing a road accident***

Dialogue Writing:
1. The necessity of reading newspaper***
2. A doctor on your suffering from fever***
3. Eradication of illiteracy
4. The importance of reading newspaper
5. Planning after the SSC Exam

2nd paper

CV Writing
1.Post of Computer operator
2.For the post of English Teacher
3.For the post of Marketing Manager
4.Post of Medical Representative
5.Post of Library Assistant

Formal Letter:
1.Prayer for Relief flood -affected people
2.Prayer for on a Study Tour
3.Prayer for Setting up a canteen
4.Prayer for a seat in a School hostel


1.Early Rising
2.A Riskshaw Puller
3.A Tee Stall
4.A Rainy day
5. A moonlight Night


1.Digital Bangladesh
2.Physical Exercise
3.Road Safety / Accident
4.The Season you like most
5.Modern Science