Tensei Oujo Wa Kyou Mo Hata O Tatakioru

9 DPO...

Couldn't help it! Did a sneaky pregnancy test! Early days as they say, but it's already cycle Day 28! Then again, the Vitex is said to make your cycle longer the first month of using it which would make sense with Chels ovulating so late (for her)! So we will see what happens! I did start filming the test this morning but my camera cut out- typical of my phone! Will test tomorrow morning since we have no idea when Chelseas period is due this month to wait! And let's be honest, as if we could! So stay tuned! Again, thinking it's an unlikely conception this month but one thing is keeping hope alive- Chels is having random and frequent bouts of nausea! Here and there, a few mins at a time!! Often!Might mean something, might not...but it's keeping me smiling for now!! Tensei Oujo Wa Kyou Mo Hata O Tatakioru
Fingers crossed as always!!