Tempered into Immortal

I have gotten shit left and right for the last 4 years for going to community college.

"Become a medical technician, they make bank." Well, what if I want more than just money?

"Ha, youtube can teach you everything." That's funny because youtube didn't link me up to an entire network of paid internships after I was done watching a guy build a house from paper mache.

"Just google it." How can I google something that I didn't even know was out there? General ed is more than just for shit and giggles.

"LOL, you're stupid for taking college loans out." Meanwhile, you pay the same amount for a new car every 4 years or so for 10x the interest rate. Except, if I miss a payment, I get a deferral. No one comes and repossesses my degree, my network, or my knowledge in the middle of the night. Tempered into Immortal

I know some of you may not like to hear this and that's fine: just keep scrolling. Not to sound like a hard ass, but unless you went to tech school or know a trade, be prepared for a very unkind world.

I'm not talking out my ass either. I experienced it first hand when I spent my late teens trying to "find" myself. All I found was a bunch of broken men and women who took advantage of my ignorance.

Don't be like I was. Learn the easiest way possible: By reading this article.

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