Sword God

I pray for you and your family this morning that the Almighty God has broken the arm of pharaohs of your life and family and it shall not be bound up to be heald any more to fall upon you in Jesus name , and I pray again that the righteous God will scatter the Egyptians of your life that have been causing your sorrow and will put a sword of victory that at the end your songs shall be , WHO IS LIKE UNTO THEE OOH LORD, WHO IS LIKE UNTO THEE OOH LORD , AMONG THY GOD'S WHO IS LIKE THEE FOR YOU ARE GLORIOUS IN HOLINESS AND FEARFUL IN PRAISES DOING YOU WONDERS HALILUYA This is your song this week. Thanks good morning and God bless you .Apostle Sylvester Nwodika. Shalom!!! Sword God