Sweet Heart In Honeyed Desire

I'm just saying " Allicient Love "
Allicient Love
Imagine this moment in the hyperspace of time
Loving you resolutely throughout the night away through a chorus of deep breaths in a recumbent position
Into the fulgent early morning light of your bright smile beneath your seducible eyes
Still feeling the inscape of what we squeezed moment after moment, forgetting all about that last love that became an introcession to you
Now it’s time to push the pillows away
But before you go, one more hug, one more implausible kiss please
So, that I can take the baby powdered perfumed quintessence of you with me throughout my day
Because every time you walk away from me and say goodbye, see you later, you begin to fade away from my sight
And I have to tell myself hurry up and wait, while listening to my heart utter impulsively an incomplete sigh
Hoping the taste of that last breathtaking strawberry sweet kiss you just gave me lingers on my lips curve long enough until I see you again
Then once I do see you, we can start another elusive endeavor all over again
Although I must say you have me hanging on a string now, strumming my love into your heart and lavishing smiles
Knowing full well the consequence of falling in love with you this way could turn out to be forever more
You are so beautiful and your indesinent truths mist is causing this mutual attraction through us
To the point that I just can’t get you out of my mind and when I touch you in those places that incite you to lose control
Of those secret desired emotions that unfold the endemism of your love like an unguided fiery flowing lava
As love gets deeper and deeper and deeper
And every loving part of you has become an integral unalienable part of me, though misunderstood by curious onlookers
We wouldn’t have this fusion of happiness between us any other way
I love you so much and don’t regret not one moment of being with you in all kinds of ways
I still remember the day, you captured the loneliness of my thoughts and made them an imprisoned paradise within the care of your reasons for love and insurmountable joy Sweet Heart In Honeyed Desire
Oh, what you won’t do for the nocturnal love your love needs to exist
It’s so amazing
How I can look into your confident eyes and see a world unnoticeable to anyone else
An unusual heaven
An extreme paradise that can bring my heart for you to its knees with compassionate servitude
With a honey that’s uncharacteristically a magic wand
Making your commands and wishes a virtual reality that holds the truth of you
Oh, how can I get next to you?
By reservation, appointment or by mortal subservience for your love?
Take me, I’m yours
Take me one step closer to you
You’re the one unique rose that I chose
Take me Chocolate
©2019 Darrell Godbold