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1. Vitamin A- sometimes referred to as
anti-infective vitamin, can only be
absorbed from the small intestine
adequately if fat absorption is normal.
Insufficient absorption results in
2. The pulse rate in females is more
rapid than in males. The difference is
most commonly about five beats per
3. The brain’s memory storage capacity
is about 2.5 petabytes (or a million
gigabytes). If the neurons in the brain
worked independently, the brain would
only be able to store a few gigabytes of
4. The joystick is formed by three
elongated masses of erectile tissue and
involuntary muscles very rich in blood
vessel. It takes about 130 ml to pints of
blood for a full erection.
5. The male fertility and sexual ability
tends to decline with ageing, but there’s Strong True Cultivator on Campus
no period comparable to menopause in
female. According to a research, the rate
of genetic mutations passed on via their
sperm cells increases significantly with
their age; putting their children at
increased risk for psychiatric disorders,
especially autism and schizophrenia.
6. Fixing extra letters to words and
reading words that are not contained in
a text being read is one of the
symptoms of dyslexia; although
tiredness may cause this.
7. If a child is more exposed to
testosterone in the womb, there’s is a
high chance of having a shorter index
finger as compared to the ring finger in
the child.
8. Typoglycemia is the ability to read a
text even though the letters in the
words are not arranged properly; as
long as the first and last letters are
correctly placed.
9. Research has shown that
breastfeeding can reduce the
occurrence of severe diarrhoea and
vomiting, chest and ear infections,
constipation, and eczema in babies.
10. The direction of an erect joystick
depends on the tension of the
suspensory ligament that holds it in
position. There are cases of the joystick
being erect parallel to the abdomen and
a few pointing downwards while erect
although these cases are rare.
11. Babies are born with blue eyes more
than any other color.
12. If enough saliva does not mix
properly with food, you will not be able
to taste that food. (try tasting something
after drying off your tongue)
13. Your eyes remain the same size after
birth but your nose and ears never stop
14. About 300million cells die in the
human body every minute. An adult
produces a little over 300 billion new
cells daily.
15. The cornea in the eye is the only part
of the body that has no blood supply. It
gets its oxygen directly from air.
16. Every 1½hr, men have erection
whilst asleep. This may be linked to
combination of blood circulation and
testosterone production during sleep &
is a necessary part of REM.
17. The same skin cells in a human’s
mouth is the same type of cell a human
vagina is made of.
18. Rubatosis is the discomforting
consciousness of your own heartbeat.
19. A human sneeze can travel about
100 mph give or take.