Still, Wait For Me

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building that Chris opened his eyes
Chapter 32
He was supposed to see the president and was more surprise to find out that he actually fainted
"is it possible to faint in heaven?" he asked rhetorically but it was audible enough to be heard by the president
"Chris, are you okay, Peace was right, he is not mentally okay" the president said after taking back few steps
"am fine sir, I'm just wondering..are we on earth?" Chris asked
"sure, why asking?"
"I oversight I'm died...where is Peace??!"
"dead? God forbids that, Peace is okay, she just went home to get you something to eat" the president replied
"is she alive?" Chris asked
"does ghost cook?" The president asked
"okay, Chris let's be serious, tell me about your powers" the president said to Chris
"powers, I don't understand" Chris replied fearing that the president might have discover that he is enhanced
"I mean your superpowers" the president replied
"I don't have..."
"Ok, wait, keep quiet before you have a record of lying to the president"
"uhm, but what do you really mean?"
"I mean how do you really survived a blast that obliterate many buildings in the surrounding;you only comatose, you didn't die, don't get me wrong, I don't wish you died, but how do you really survived that, it came to a point that I didn't even believe the ECG machine, the EED confirmed that your brain is active only half an hour that you were rushed to this hospital, the Doctor said you weren't breathing at a point only to discover later that it was just an apnea and that might have lead to death in normal cases, injecting you was difficult since your body some kind of seems invincible to syringe, all your wounds healed within three hours, your burns are now gone, nothing have been passed into your body in the last three days since you comatose, yet you weren't weak at all and you don't show any sign of dehydra.." Still, Wait For Me
"okay sir, but can I trust you?" Chris said after finding out that he can't hide anymore
"sure, and if you don't want to tell me, that's not a problem, I'm just curious"
"the power is partially through inheritance sir" Chris said taking a good look at the room to ensure no camera is recording their conversation
"please, explain" the president said
"I'm not flattering, those powers are cool, I'm actually working on a research about another person enhanced human too, but I've not gotten enough data about him" the president said to Chris
"allow them to come around" the president said to one of the guards standing by him
"okay sir" the guard replied and he relayed the message to someone through the phone
"who are those?" Chris asked the president
"they are the grateful one" the president replied
"that's funny, I've done nothing"
"I should have made a bit with Peace because I've already guessed that you would say that, anyway, go and have a look at them" the president said and Chris left his presence
Chris' eyes finally adapted to the level of light outside after starring at the sun for few seconds, he looked at thousands of people shouting his name outside the hospital and waved at them smiling unintentionally, their number continued to increase rapidly with time but within the numerous number of people, he saw someone forcefully paying her way among others and running towards his direction
Chapter 33
Peace continued to forcefully pave way for herself until she reached the restraint created by the security guards, she was allowed to pass while others were pushed back, she rushed through the steps and open the main door to the first floor, she stood still smiling as she saw Chris who in turn was smiling at her, she dropped the flask in her hand and rushed towards him to give him a tight hug
"you scared me, I taught I've lost the only person I have left" Peace said as tears of joy flow down her eyes
"I made a promise, I promised you I would stay alive" Chris replied smiling
"your lips are good at telling lies, that's why I didn't believe much in that statement" Peace said accusing Chris
"tell me an instance where I lied to you" Chris defended
"uhm! But at least, those lips are better at kissing" Peace said and smiled shyly
"uhm...I need a prove"
Bla...bla..bla...she reciprocated and they locked lips
"is that meant to be a bribe for accusing me of what I didn't do?" Chris said as he rubbed his lips to check if he there is no traces of on wet lips on his lips
"does your girlfriend looks like someone who uses lips makeups?
"you haven't answered my question"
"well, you shouldn't call it a bribe since you've accepted it" Peace said
"everyone is now calling your name here and there" Peace added in an attempt to change the topic
"oh, ye...I just hope I won't be feeling shy when I have to face them"
"you don't need to, it's beautiful"
"not as beautiful as the woman beside me" Chris said smiling at Peace
"flattering won't kill you Chris"
"I'm not flattering, I was kidding you"
"So you were kidding me? You aren't serious at all"
"yes, I said I would feel shy when I face the public, I won't, I was only kidding you"
"I'm sorry for saying you are not serious Chris"
"ahhh! So you are apologizing now?"
"not really, I only wanted to say you are above that level, you are insane!!"
"sir, what about George?"Chris asked the president
"he is fine, the injection we gave him expires in one hour from now" the president replied
"let's quickly get to him immediately" Chris suggested
"that's a very good idea, but how would you get through the crowd outside, they won't even allow our car to move" Peace said
"that's true" the president also said
"sir, can I use my suit?" Chris asked the president
"am I allowed to use my suit?" Chris asked the president
"oh, yea...yeah, I actually forgot to tell you that you would be attending a conference in the next two days, the United Nation united nations want to thank you and you are not only allowed to use you suit but they gave anyone you approves the permission to use the suit" the president explained
"wow, that's cool" Chris said as tap the "screen" of the watch on his hand
"you and peace should get to the car sir, we would meet in the hospital"
Chris flew to the top of the building, opened the skylight and then flew out of the building after gently closing it, but that doesn't prevent him from being noticed by the crowd, who hailed him as if he were a god
"I need a helicopter at David's hospital right away" the president said over the phone
"uhm, so he later told you?" Peace asked the president after which she looked away shyly
"hmmm...yea, I understand, I know you are just trying to protect him, and am happy that you two are good guys, imagine what would have happened if two lunatics like virulence teamed up, come to think of it, the guy even has two....wait, what!! OH MY GOD!!
They were all happy that George was defeated, now they just remembered that Virulence greatest weapon, INT-B is still active, and according to Chris, they have completely 0% chance of hacking it

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