Seirei Gensouki ~konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~

Hey world, look who's back to the land of the living. I've had a lot of people PM, text and even call out of concern. This is a collective thank you to those people and to anyone who has shown some care. I promised I would explain the past month from Hell so I'm just going to do it here instead of in a bunch of different texts. As of now, I'm done with the poison pills and guzzling water to get this shit out of my system. A bit weak, dizzy and kind of spaced out but I feel BETTER. Better works, I'll happily and gratefully take better and work on achieving GOOD. As for my month: Seirei Gensouki ~konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~

**June 15th: Go for gastric emptying test, sit in hospital waiting room for four hours with people coughing as if they had TB.

**June 16th: Diagnosed with "severe Gastroparesis," put on 250mg Erthromycin three times a day, forever or until it stops working. Told to expect the need for a gastric pacemaker in the not too distant future.

**June 19th: Pull muscle in my back trying to carry a full-size BB8 lamp from the driveway to the house. Stop laughing, BB8 nearly killed me.

**June 22nd or so: Got the nasty bug that was going around from my mother. Went right to my chest, wreaked havoc on my poor COPD lungs. Put on an albuterol nebulizer treatments. Nasty bug, lasted 10 days with my crappy immune system.

**July 2nd or so: Just as the plague was going, I developed what I thought was a UTI. I've never had a UTI before, that shit HURT. Quickly spread to a kidney infection. Major kidney pain, three days of not being able to move.

**July 6th: Doctor gets all freaked out over the kidney infection and possible further damage to my kidneys. E. coli, blood, white blood cells, the lost colony of Roanoake and foreign strands of croatoan in my pee test results. Talk of possible hospitalisation for IV antibiotics and the threat of dialysis. Given Bactrim, not warned of symptoms.

**July 10th: After a week of unbearable pee pain and kidney throbbing I gave in and started the Bactrim. Got hit with damn near every "uncommon" side effect listed. Bactrim also negates the Erythromycin so the gastroparesis was not happy. Some of the lovely things Bactrim did:
Pounding headache
Messed with my main blood pressure pill
Feeling of being disconnected from my body
Heartburn that felt like fire.
Fatigue during the day
Food tasted like crap. Everything.
Nausea and throwing up amplified
Night sweats
Bloat/stomach pain due to the negation of the Erythromycin.
No appetite (not a bad thing)
CRAZY manic mood swings

And that takes us to today. Took the last poison pill at 2AM. I still have to pee in a cup again to make sure everything is gone and I have to do the 24 hour urine collection SOON to see if any damage was done to my GFR (kidney function) but damn, it feels good to be sitting up at my desk, able to think clearly even if I'm dizzy and functioning. I have a station to set up, I need to slowly get to exercising a bit and I need to quit smoking ASAP as I'm never sucking albuterol again.

I made it through the month of hell and dodged a bullet with my kidneys once again, for this I am profoundly grateful. My apologies for any birthdays I missed, calls or messages I read but didn't respond to and ignored texts. Understand this was a "perfect storm" of a month and now it's time to come back. Thank you for all of the love and concern. It meant a lot to read it (listen to it), even if I didn't respond.

And special thanks to Mama Prude, aka Jayne Delman Ives and the best bud Darque Staar for going above and beyond and staying up super late or getting up super early just to watch over my while I slept to make sure I was okay, for putting up with the manic mood swings and rivers of vulgarities that flowed from my pie hole about these pills and just for being there.

Now, back to the business of living.