Return of the Swallow

1 *When someone ask why you continue to
sleep with ur ex ask them if they have never
used past exam papers for revision*
2 My neighbor just came home drunk.... He has
been knocking at his own door for over 2 hours
now, meanwhile he stays alone...... Should I go
and tell him that he is not around?
3 Your mum is under a leaking roof and u are
lodging gals in a hotel forming "Daddy yo"
Bros even d devil is ashamed of u
*The biggest mistake ever is giving ur heart to
someone that does not have sense*
4 My neighbor was advising his daughter who is
dating one Anambra guy in the area and he said.
* # Nne stay calm with that guy no matter what
one say he'll buy you BENZ but if you begin waka
waka he go use you buy BENz.That's when I
respected my Anambra friends*#
5 Breast that cannot face or look your boyfriend
in the eyes rather it's facing the floor, is that one
6 Am still looking for the person that told African
women to be clapping their hands when
they are fighting.
7 This bike men should stop asking me "Oga
where?" If they won't carry me for free!
8 Saving money is d biggest challenge wth us
Africans. U save little, next thing U hear is
grandma swallow razor send something
9 Relationships can be very difficult. 2day the Boo
is angry 2moro the Bae is angry next
2moro the gods are angry
10 Real girls don’t cry over a Boyfriend,They
commit suicide and wait for him in hell or
11 *How can i stop my neighbor from cheating
his wife? The wife is good in all the styles on bed
but he still go outside to cheat.*
12 A crazy girlfriend will tell you, I will never talk Return of the Swallow
to you again, and still call to remind you later
I am still angry with you ooh!!!!
13 *A Relationship without Sex helps you to focus
*important things like Cheating**
14 When married people are having sex, its like
jazz music. They do it soft, and peacefully.
But for cheating couples it's fast like Destruction
Boys or ZCC music. You will return home tired,
and feeling like you were involved in a car
15 *When you call your girlfriend on phone
around "10pm" or "7am" and she starts shouting
hello! hellooooo! I can't hear you oooo! Hello!
oooo and she hangs the call. My brother, don't
bother yourself calling back. Just know that her
real boyfriend is around My
brother curse her*
*I repeat curse her before it's too late*
16 This is How Nigerian people sweep
their yard
Na me talk am.. Come beat me for my
17 so nobody noticed that maggi cube is
now very strong ad hard to break this days..
Unless you use stone...
And the government is not doing anything about
18 Why will I marry a girl with small breast?
What if I finish the milk before my
kids arrive, what will I tell them?
19 Jesus didn't have female disciples
because he was avoiding things like "What am I
going to wear to Galilea tomorrow?"
January is named after the Roman god Janus.
Janus was a temple god who could look forward
and backward at the same time.
No wonder it doesn’t end quickly
21 Our Nigeria slay queen will go online and
download a pic of a Yahoo guy and say "Safe
flight boo, he can disturb for Africa"
22. Imagine after having xxx, then you
Hear they kids saying..I think they're
23 I finally caught the guy owning me #200 since
Jss2, thank God for 10years challenge
# Bambi care's