Reincarnation ~ From the Upper World to the Lower World

Fan Question:
Once a few days ago, twice yesterday and then this morning I had a horribly sharp pain in my lower abdomen, either right or left side. Its not a cramping pain its like being stabbed. Its painful enough to stop me in my tracks and grab onto the area. Do u know what this is? I'm about 6w5d according to my ovulation and time I had sex during my fertile window but I haven't gone in yet due to insurance. But plan to very soon. Idk if its worth going in to the hospit Reincarnation ~ From the Upper World to the Lower World ... al if its normal- I didnt have this with my son till I was huge and it was stretching pain.
Also I'll add that for some reason I'm getting a growing bump and I'm only 6weeks! Its been freaking me out! I'll add that photo too and I was completely slim in the stomach so the Lil bump u see has come recently and its weird because I'm not that far along I didnt think any bump starts yet. Anyway I'm asking about the bump and the pain. Thank you!

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