Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off with Your Head!


John Ish Ishmael January 25 at 2:32 AM

# YOUREFIRED ! Yes, you are fired, PM tells our admirable John McCallum.

My view was that our PM has bungled the # Huawei CEO extradition file. He first permitted the self-admiring, sanctimonious, ex # JusticeMinister Jody # WilsonRaybould to gleefully approve # RCMP snatching of CEO # Meng from a # Vancouver flight change.

# Deepstate # CSIS , (a virtual appendage of the USI), approved. Our pending possible new PM after October 2019, is the pro USI Scheer... as dismal as PM # Diefenbaker of # BOMARC and # AvroArrow infamy...

Remember that Trump's USI had levied it's extrajudicial sanctions against # Iran and expects submissive leaders such as Canada's, to adopt this universal American legal jurisdiction. American, UK and # ISraeli telecommunications companies have been in a survival meltdown over Huawei's superior # G5 technologies. Canada has been instructed by its HQ to rip out Huawei G5 infrastructure installed by our telecoms corporations.

Sadly for me, who had pinned a post in one of my groups, urging loyalty to our PM, who was, pre # USMXCA FreeTrade, under vicious denigration by Trump, we must now recall Trump's own business and political report card on our PM.... it's too demeaning for me to repost it at this time.

And, it's time for us to better understand that Trump wants an equally subversive and submissive # CONS leader, # Scheer for Canada's # RegimeChange .

To repeat my thought on CEO Meng: our PM may have accelerated his self cannibalism and that of the LIBS. Will Trump publicly recognise Scheer or other NeoCon as the true leader of Canada? POTUS may not do this as disrespectfully as the USI duo has done to Venezuelan President # Maduro , but by continued public slagging and humiliation of our PM, who is not elected as PM, but is Prime Minister by virtue of his party appointment as Liberal Leader and hence, the Çanadian PM. Will the DeepState call on our current Governor General to be as scurrilous as our former # Harper co-conspirator, # MichaelleJean , who consented TWICE to proroguing Parliament for Harper and generals to help evade the # ICC dock at the # Hague ? I believe that our Governor General # JuliePayette might not. However, her oath of loyalty is to the Royal Welfare #Queen of Britain. Not to Trudeau or to Canada!

For Regime Change, Trump would have to get the LIBS to replace Trudeau as party leader and thus automatically, as PM. Justin might then discover a need for more family time or - for #missionary work for the #Agakhan in some Çanadian mining protectorate in Africa, Latin America or Asia.

I would have a personal dilemma. I could not vote for the #CONS. The NDP's #Jagmeet so far appears to be as morally flexible, but darker political cousin to smiling Trudeau. And Jagmeet also, tolerates the constant sliming by the turfed failure, #Mulcair who also had surrounded himself with ear whisperers of the group that operates our Corporate Democracy.

IMO, #BranchPlantCanada is being absorbed more fully - ironically, as America has been...

Canada may become a #Palestine to the USI... or akin to an #IndigenousReserve. This dystopian future is one of the central warnings in two of my futuristic (2007), novels on Amazon ... US INVASION OF CANADA - And its Absorption... and ... CHOSEN WORLD: Our War On Islam and Our Own Freedoms.
My sad hugs. #ISH.
My yesterday's FB post:-
#JohnMcCallum is Ambassador to China and dared to speak truth about the arrest of #Hauwei CEO Meng. But the Çanadian Opposition and Corporate Media howled. #Trudeau refused to fire him and forced MacCallum to distance himself from the truth.
I back Ambassador John McCallum. Our new Minister of Justice will likely set Meng free if our Court does not.
Hugs ISH.
'I misspoke': Canada ambassador to China regrets saying Huawei chief had 'strong case'
John McCallum admits comments about Meng Wanzhou’s extradition fight had ‘created confusion’

#LeylandCecco in Toronto

Thu 24 Jan 2019 20.35 EST Last modified on Thu 24 Jan 2019 20.37 EST
The Canadian diplomat who came under fire for statements about American efforts to extradite the chief financial officer of Huawei has walked back his previous remarks, saying he “misspoke”.

John McCallum, Canada’s ambassador in China, appeared to provide legal advice to Meng Wanzhou, who is fighting extradition to the US over fraud allegations. Saying she had a “strong case”, McCallum outlined numerous weaknesses of the legal proceedings: political from Donald Trump, the extraterritorial nature of the charges and the fact that Canada is not party to American sanctions against Iran... Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off with Your Head!