Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

My my daughter talisha Brittany Anne is A positive DNA blood type and I had believed for along time her and her sister were the same blood type which was A positive for year's until 1999,,,, jan minor the attorney in Michigan confirmed that korrissa Brittany Anne is A negative DNA blood type,,, my daughter asked me her blood type so I did tell her on the phone but I didn't share with her the story behind it I had believed for along time to that talisha Brittany Anne is Joh ... n ferraro daughter instead especially when Joan one day told me that the timing is off on my pregnancy for when I met Allan because you met Allan two weeks ago and your approximately one month two months pregnant because she added it up Joan lindstrom said and with korrissa Brittany Anne,,, alllan accused me of it being keanu reeves child because she resembles him,, well to me even with korrissa having freckles as an adult she to me looks like mom and to me she doesn't resemble keanu reeves at all she has ambition like he does of course and certain characteristics that remind me of him but I thought its because shes seen much more of keanu"s movies than mommy has by far more,,,,, that's why and I'm standing by my word,,, P. S. Korrissa doesn't tan at all,,,, I use to be extremely white myself, now I'm olive skin color and (korrissa) =her feet which she took a photo of are pure white like her skin ,,, I still sunburn even with olive skin color,,, talisha use to have freckles, I don't know what happened but that's OK she's still a sweetheart like her sister korrissa!!!!!!!! from Diana Spencer a. K. A = Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler Caroline Mahreva Eve Kennedy-Mountpatten

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