Perilous Deep Love

I am a ride or die, yo ass cant doubt
I give 100% all the time,all of me
But sad it is,that i understand
But i dont get it back from society

I do and do, all i possibly can
I always let my actions show
I love too much,give too much
I aint gotta say,ya already know

I know my what im supposed to do
I let my actions,speak loud and clear
So there is no mother fuckin mistake
I know i am humble and sincere

But its ok cause when i see the truth
I know how it now is,whats to be
Its this kinda shit, for sure
That will make you lose me

Thats a very high price,sad to pay
The one thing that will tare us apart
You best think,am i important
Or you trying to break my heart

I give you everything,and more
I do and do and do its true
How many you chat with do that
Everything i do,is my love for you

Of all the dreams i share with you
One i never imagined,leaving me sad
Never in a million years,would u
Ever turn out to hurt me this bad

We had an agreement,we said okay
It was from respect & true loyalty Perilous Deep Love
I fight to make our future save ....
I know what i was tryin to be with u

Never did i think,you would go back
To what we said "its not proper"
And of coarse we would never do
And here you are sure enough
Now i feel 2 times,hurt by you

Am i not worth the same respect
The kind i guard with u,the same
I cherrish what God gave me
This is not a joke,this is no game

So now here i am, your in bed
I just dont know how to kill this pain
I am laying down, on my bed to sit
We were to like no other,its insane

I cant think straight,i cant breath
You have been my all,everyday
You dont tag me in nothin no more
Now this bitch,why do me this way

I have always been good
Giving you all of my love
I trust in you with my life
We were from God above

What if i did this to you
U said we wouldnt let no one in
Now it hurts so bad to see this now
So fix this ! U need to begin !!!

How much do i mean to you
You for real need to decide
Do you really want to lose me
Cause you hurt me deep inside

You need to see what happen
We agreed dont like no other no more
Now twice on a post now
You like shit from a whore

Make your choice now
Cause i thought i had made mine
I know i chose you everyday
My best friend,husband,soo fine

But now i see i am a fool
Its a high price to pay
God brought me n u ...
Do u want God to take it away

Are you so ready to lose so much
We may be an ocen apart
But i promised you,no request or like
I gave you loyalty from my heart

I cant believe u didnt do the same
I thought no other girl get your likes
And after all my faith and loyalty
You give it to two fucking dykes

It hurts me like hell
I hope you had fun
Hope they were worth it
Cause im so fucking done