Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

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While we were still chatting, there was a horn outside, then i looked through the window, it was the CAB. I told her its my ride, we then kissed and bidded each other lovely night and sweetdreams. i departed, the CAB dropped me off at my place.

After 10mins of my arrival , my phone rang i was filled with joy because i knew it was Soraya. I picked up the call, it was her sweet
lovely voice, she asked if am home and safe, I responded that am ok, and just got home.

Nextmorning ,she called me and told me how much she misses me. I thought maybe i should just set an appointment with her, since last night I promised to make it up to her. We were not certain about where we were going to meet and she promised she will get back to me on the place issue, but 2pm was the time we were supposed to meet.My Mom got in while i was still talking to her, so i told Soraya i have to go, I then hanged up. My Mum asked me who was that early this morning, i told her its some pontential business partner and he would like us to meet later on. Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

This was a lie to my Mum so she borrows me her car, and the idea brought home the bacon. My Mom then asked me if i have not changed my mind on the internship issue. I told her i still have not changed my mind, thats why i am planning on starting my business project, and i dont think i will ever change it.

She then said "Ok, i see" and she went away since she noticed i have settled my mind on the internship issue.

I started getting prepared for my appointment , after an hour, i received a message it was from Soraya "Lets meet at 2PM at Vile Hotel,room 180. i went straight there, i was so happy and hyped, i knew she pulled something romantic,since last night her violin ripped of the terror that was in me, the whole setup was on a point,scentedcandles,luxary champagnes to name a few, she really provided the great atmosphere.Along the way,i thought "let me just grab her something nice to appreciate her
and i went to flowershop, got her some exp flowers. When i reached Vile Hotel, i went straight to room 180, floor after floor. I did not call or text while i was onthe way, i wanted to surprise her. With a cheerful ding, the elevator arrived .

i looked left, then right to check the sequence of rooms, lucky enough room 180
was just two doors away from the elevator on my right side. I went straight to the door, I knocked, the door was then open, to my surprise it was not Soraya but some sonsie like her, a lady with busty figure. She looked more older than her......I checked the door number, it was 180 on point, after she noticed my muddiness she cleared the midst of confusion.She greeted me," Hie Jordan , (she said it with a radiant smile! )Am Miso, am Soraya's friend.Get inside, Soraya aint around.)

At this pointing time, i did not have any clue on what was really happening, i questioned her," is it okay if i just get in while you still on a towel."She replied, get in Young beast, i know what you hiding. i thought maybe this is just a setup, i hoped for the best and followed my fate. She then explained the whole issue,
it was like Soraya's fiance came in the morning just when Soraya was about to come to the hotel. So Soraya asked her to come accompany me. While she was still explaining the whole situation, she let go of her towel, she was wearing a bra, and a pantie beneath. A hope for the Best was then created inside me, I had to hope it's not a setup....

She really had some good melons i must say,suddenly i was dumbfounded,rendered dumbstruck, i became a baby again, i cried for those boobs, prompting moans of desire made her do the outmost, she pushed me on the
couch, sat on my lap, she took off her bra, she started grinding on me, i saw her breasts bouncing merrily, making slapping noises against her skin. i pushed her on the
couch, the things she was doing to me were amazing, i wanted to make her mewl in unimaginable ecstasy. Her eyes were luminous , she started flashing, her blinks seemedto show she scared, or she never expected my reaction.

Just when i was about to unbuckle my pants, there was a knock, she stood up suddenly and dressed up. i asked her, whom it is? She replied by saying it must be room service, she went to the door to attend the knock, when she opened it was Soraya...

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