Oh My Ice Goddess

symbolic of the Joining of MaleFemale energies INSelf Oh My Ice Goddess for A PeaceFull R Evolution
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MOON child
As she returns back to her Goddess,
standing naked before all,
clothed in Love and Compassion,
for TRUTH is her Passion,
her response to the Sacred Call,
never using commands nor has she demands,
Hummingbird in her Heart is residing,
Gentle, Pure and True, knowing what to do,
Bringer of Compassion, Moon-rising

Blessed Moon Child

SUN child,
Dynamic, oh so much power,
is bursting within him,
so impatient for the volcano to erupt,
holding the Sword of Truth up high,
he swiftly enters the sky,
To fight for World s Freedom and Trust,
he is Powerful, Playful, Passionate and Fun
as he joins all with Joy and Laughter,
with a joke, a song, he will help you along,
Bringer of Life, Sun-dancer

Blessed Sun Child

Sun and Moon bring the balance to ALL,
they bring the gentle, loving, powerful waves,
they bring the Peace, they bring the Love,
as the Road to Freedom they pave,
joined as One to guide Mankind,
here to undo that what has been done,
opening Hearts, opening Mind,
come Celebrate the joining of MoonSun

And so It Is ....

Passionate Sun, Gentle Moon,
are now coming together,
fire joining ice,
Birthing a new tomorrow,
Golden river meeting Platinum,
the sparks they do ignite,
the fire consuming, the ice calming,
two as ONE at last to Unite

As the Sun entered the Moon,
explosive sparks filled the air,
the passion was slowed down,
by her sensual flair,
the balance now made,
gone were two now only One,
Loving and Passionate,
Gentle and Powerful MoonSun

Still they Be, as still they Are,
as they answered to the Sacred Call,
for the joining of the two, I hear all say,
Lovers perfection, the exquisite Jewel,
bringing Joy and Love to this battered World,
bringing Happiness and PEACE,
releasing all paradigms of the past,
preparing for FREEDOM and from the banquet to feast

No more hiding, no more fear
Moon kissed Sun and disappeared,
no more running, no more pretension,
together at last creating Ascension
MoonSun Is ONE


Raising vibrations
Painting part of the Journey to TRUTH
photo taken 13:33