My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him (rebirth)

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I have always been a fairly health conscious person.... but only when I felt like it. I LOVED desserts and because I'm very thin I didn't think it was important to limit my sugar/carb intake. That all changed when in May 2013 I found out that my 4 yr old son's severe health issues stemmed from poor gut health. He had been having some serious health issues since he was 2 and the Drs could find nothing wrong with him. So I went to a Naturopath in MN after my mother in law suggested it, I was desperate to help my son!

My son was put on a strict no sugar, no starch and no grain diet as well as some homeopathic meds. It didn't take long for me to notice a huge change in his moods and overall health. I was amazed and intrigued! So I became a researching fanatic and soon had my whole family tested by the same Naturopath. We all had poor gut health (to varying degrees) except my very non health conscious husband! Completely floored me! Until I learned that the issue we had, is passed from a mother to her children. So I was the one guilty of passing it on to my children. Go figure! :P

It was 8 months later that I learned (on her 1st birthday) that my baby girl was very sensitive to many different foods, which explained why she cried almost nonstop for the first few months of her life. :'(

I knew something was wrong by the time she was eating table food because she always had diarrhea, but I never thought of food sensitivities, because nobody in my large family had ever had any.

She got a lot better immediately, when I cut all of those foods out, but it was getting harder as she got older to keep her away from the foods she couldn't have. A year later she was able to tolerate some dairy and also eat eggs, but she still couldn't have peaches, apples, onions, gluten, wheat or any corn products without being doubled over in pain and having diarrhea for hrs after. At this point we were all eating much healthier! Rarely did we have sugar or any type of junk food. We ate almost all our meals from canned foods or boxed food anymore. We all felt better...for a while.

Last fall I started showing symptoms of my old severe fatigue issues again as well as having some digestive and skin issues again. My (now 7 yrs old) son also started getting sore throats again, his tonsils were always huge and he couldn't focus well in school anymore. So in Nov. 2014 I took a ProBio5 capsule and a Slim stickpack to my Naturopath to get his thoughts on them. I really wanted to use the Probio 5 to help Kaylin with her food issues. He didn't think we should use them, so I left very disappointed! I had read so many stories of babies and toddlers having found relief from their food sensitivities so I had been praying that Plexus would be Kaylin's help too! So I tried other probiotics and natural supplements with limited/no success. My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him (rebirth)

But in April 2015 I decided to become an Ambassador and got my first Triplex Combo! I had read soooooo many testimonies and seen the change in some of my own I knew there had to be something to this.

After 2 weeks.....Taylor (my 6 yr old) went from not focusing in school to getting a whole week of school done in ONE DAY! (I homeschool)
After 3 weeks....Taylor's swollen tonsils looked NORMAL!

After 3 weeks... Kaylin got into a cake and I realized she never got a tummy ache so I started slowly testing her on other "no no" foods. She can now eat anything with no ill effects!

After 3 months of using the Triplex....I NO LONGER HAD:
- Digestive problems
- Seasonal sneezing and sniffling
- Severe fatigue symptoms (I used to fall asleep while daytime driving, and reading out loud to my children.)
- Brain fog (I always had to use lists, but still forgot things! I hardly use lists anymore.)
- Lack of energy
- Exhaustion upon awakening
- Pain during my periods
- Body odor
- Sugar Cravings
- Bloating
- Severe Mood Swings
- Seasonal "blues"

- Skin issues (90% better)
- Fungus toenail (50% better)

Before Plexus I had NO IDEA that it was possible to address so many of our health issues simply by addressing the root causes of most health issues...
1. Insulin Imbalance
2. Unhealthy Gut
3. Inflammation

Please take some time to learn as much as possible about these life changing, natural products, your body will thank you! I have been consistently using the Triplex, MegaX, XFactor & Body Cream for 27 months now, and still feel AMAZING! I just recently switched to the XFactor Plus multivitamin and added in the VitalBiome. ????