Mistaken For the Demon King

Robo my ribs;
1. Ladies if your boyfriend is fair, slim, has brown eyes.. Average height & wears glasses;
Please come to Golden Royal hotel, he just entered room 245 with one slim girl.-I don't support evil at all oo.
? ?

2. lnstead Of Watching Big Brother Naija, I Will Rather Pour Garri Inside Rice And Be Separating The Garri From The Rice..
? ?

3. All those Girls That Check Our profile pictures Before Replying Our msgs I Hope You Know That Some Of Us Have Inner Beauty.

4. Wetin weed don do to pple ehh
Nah my neighbor wey smoke weed finish and wake me up by 2:00 in d night nd started narrating 2009 champions league final of man u nd barca witout missing any words
I was lyk dis guy is good in football.. Nt until I asked him his football mentor nd he said Mercy Johnson.
? ? ?

5. i remember when my girlfriend do call me and say "I Love You" over the phone, and I'm with my parents. My response will be "God Loves You Too.
? ?

6. Hypertension is that pain u get at the back of your head after selling ur land to send ur daughter abroad to study Medicine and back as a make up artist.
? ?

7. I don't no why people who Sits in front of a commercial Bus always Feel as if they
Have made it in life.

8. In The Book Of Weed Chapter 3 vs 18 Fela
Kuti says..... Many are mad but few are Naked.
? ? ?

9. The way pretty girls are greeting Me these days ehn, Is like the Devil is jealous of
My Virginity.
? ?

10. Instead of breaking someone's heart, why not look for the little calabash where your village people tied your destiny and break it.
? ?

11. Dating a short girl is not the problem buh when u are abt to cross d road and people start telling u to hold ur sister's hand. Lemme come and be going before they break my head.
? ?

12. I was Shocked when I heard A fat girl singing I believe I Can Fly " My sister, have you Ever seen an Elephant Flying Before?

13. You want a relationship like Romeo and Juliet.
Did Juliet ask for Airtime,Gucci hand bag and I phone 8?.
Ladies respect your self.

14. Fake butt, Fake Boobs, fake
Eyebrows, fake eyelashes, fake
Hair, fake face, fake Accent, Fake
Name, My sister, are you Made
In China?
? ?

15. I don't knw y gurls re snapping their ass and uploading it on Fb....
Are we selling tissue paper for God's sake?
? ?

16. My neighbour cheated on his wife Today, and she got angry and told him
she will have sex with all the neighbours around...
Well, I don't think I will be going to wrok tomorrow
Am gonna wait for my turn
? ?

17. At my age, i still dodge wen thunder strikes, it is not like i'm evil oo.i'm being careful just in case of mistaken indentity. u knw anything can happen in Naija ?

18. A man was walking naked in the jungle. When the animals saw him, they all ran away. The zebra then asked the lion, "even u, king of the jungle?"The lion replied, "my friend, keep jokes aside. That's a strange animal. The tail is in front Mistaken For the Demon King
? ? ?

19. BEGGAR: Sir! Please help me with something. I've not eaten since yesterday. Please give me money, I'm hungry!
AKPOS: Sorry. Do you have 1,000 Naira change?
BEGGAR: Yes sir!
AKPOS: Use the change to eat!
? ? ?

20. Friends stop replying me with HMMMMM WHEN WE ARE CHATTING, it reminds me of the money i lost in MMM
Just leave me ooo and going to Russia and find those idiot
? ? ?

I love u all ?