Legend of Legends

Sorry I thought this was posted this morning just realized it did not go through..... Heavenly Father as we come to you this day open our eyes to see your greatness. Reach out your hands and hold us close to you. Father help us to see your glory and to know and feel your love. Let us praise you with all of our heart our soul our mind and our strength. Give to us wisdom to see your ways and to walk in holiness as you are holy. Forgive us where we have failed you and take our lives and bring cleansing to us so all who we meet and see will see Jesus in us and be drawn to your son. Father as we come together today let us truly worship you in spirit and in truth. Let every song that is sung and every action that is done bring glory to you. We lift up those who are preaching this day and teaching. Give them the words that you would have them to say. Let those words bring us closer to you than we have ever been and help us Lord to do your will. As we partake of your body and your blood. Let us do it in a worthy manner. Let your body bring to us healing physical yes, but also spiritual. As we take of your blood let it cleanse us from all sin. Open our eyes so that we become what you desire us to be. Lord bless us indeed, let your Spirit guide us and bring healing to and comfort to those who are hurting and sick this day. Let those who have lost loved ones feel your presence and know you are with them to bring comfort and love. Let those who are sick understand that you have brought to them healing for all who will reach out to you. Father come into our homes and bind up satan and his demons. We ask that you touch our marriages and our families. Lord, do not let satan win any longer but help us to be free from his lies and deceit. Bring healing to our land we see sin has seemingly taken over and is destroying all that we love and care for. Hold us Lord till we are healed and our homes become a place of peace and joy as you desire them to be. Lord bless us with more than we need, and guide us to use your blessings to reach this world while there is time. Give us the desire to reach out to those who are caught in sin, give us words and actions to show them the way to Jesus. Father we love you and praise you! Look down upon us and see our failures and our faults. Lay your hand upon us so that we do not sin against you or hurt those who you have brought into our lives. Lord we give to you our all. Take us and make us into all that we need to be. Teach us to become your friend and allow us to know and feel you walking step by step with us always. We love you Lord and trust that you will lead us in the path of righteousness and make us holy as you are holy for we can not do it on our own. In Jesus name we pray. Legend of Legends