Kino No Tabi – the Beautiful World

I felt the heat of the urine as it ran down in between my thighs down to my feet, my body was vibrating as if i've been electrocuted.The cold hands of fear grip my heart and the feeling has been channelled through me which caused the speed of my heartbeat to increase at a rate of
lightening. am sure if I was hypertension patient then that
day would have been my last…..
LIZZY: I thought I told to get rid of your bloody night gown? Why are you so lazy and careless sometimes? What
if mom sees it, what will be your explanation?(She asked in that her commanding voice)
"She raised her voice at me as if she really cared about what I do with my bloody night gown. For me I knew she was only protecting her little secret she has with me. Trust me if not for that little secret she will not hesitate telling
my mom about me sneaking into Andrew’s room" my relived but fear gripped mind says...…. I looked at her but said nothing
LIZZY: "Better get rid of that gown….. And get rid of that
mess on the floor before the whole place starts smelling of
urine"(she yelled again) ….
She commands again as she walks towards door and slams the door behind her,No matter gaining hold of my emotions after
been stagnated in that pool of urine, I tiptoed and peeped through the window to make sure she was totally out of sight before I do anything else….. I was confused (does
that means she didn’t see the two boys in my room?) that
run through my mind, I quickly stormed into my room and
the two boys were nowhere to be found, I searched
everywhere for them, I quickly entered the bathroom and I
couldn’t believe the two guys were at each other’s throat…
I was frightened at the sight, I didn’t know what they were
fighting over, but if it’s about me then both of them are crazy. I yelled at them and commanded both of them to leave my room either dressed or undressed, I vented my spleen on Andrew for almost putting me in trouble, of course if not for Andrew ,Lizzy would have taken it normal to see Brian around because both families know about our friendship but not of our little sexual secret… Kino No Tabi – the Beautiful World
BRIAN: Dromor, is he the reason why you’ve been avoiding me?
ANDREW: shut up! Dromor, I thought I told you I was going
to return to you?
DROMOR: no you didn’t, you got me all injured and almost got me into trouble.
ANDREW: I hit you with a text message that I was going to
return to you after mom and Lizzy have left
I walked over to my dressing mirror,picked up my phone and
checked,alas it was true, both of them argued, threw
shades and threaten of going at each other throat for me.
What I don’t understand is why Andrew is doing all these, I thought he loved my cousin so why is he fighting the little boy over me? I drove both of them out of my room, half
way dressed. They got me thinking after a while. I kept on
reflecting on what happened a couple minutes ago after
they had both left my house….
Weeks passed and our family was at its normal state, Lizzy
and I kept our little secret from our mom, everything was
fine, I kept masturbating because Andrew was out of town and Brian was still angry at me….. One night after dinner
when everybody had retired to bed, I powered my body with
my sweet scented talcum powered and splashed my body as
usual. Smelling sweet and very seductive. I wore my pink
transparent night gown which is his favourite, sneaked out
and slowly turned the knob of the tenants door but the door was locked, I knocked gently making sure I don’t wake anybody up, it took him sometime to open the door, he was already naked with his Big Black Cock (BBC) already up
looking at me straight in the eye, damn! That was appetising(I was so engrossed in just satisfying my desire
than thinking about why he was make with an erected
BBC), he closed the door behind me, he seem to be too calm
tonight, I know him to be quick and rough when it came to
sex, for me I wanted him so bad so I quickly dropped my
night gown, he looks at my big round hard standing breast
and I could tell how bad he wanted to suck my nipples as
they look at him straight in the eye… I robbed my hand
around his BBC it was getting bigger, harder and slippery
while his semen dripped into my palm, he sucked my nipple
with some expertise, I felt all he wanted at that time was
to ejaculate, I could feel his BBC vibrating, I pushed him
into the sofa,slowly climbed him as he stare at me. I positioned myself and penetrated his BBC into my wet kitty, he gripped me by the waist and groan, I begun winding my waist, I watched him roll his eyes whiles I rolled mine too, I tried screaming but he covered my mouth, that was strange but all I wanted was to come and be free, he
gripped me hard and begun to bang me harder, I felt my body vibrating, I knew I was getting there and I winded harder too, I was so much in a haste to come then the door knob turned open and followed with a knock because the door was locked, he quickly, pushed me off him and asked
me to hide, (damn! Who could that be at this point) I was
frightened though, I quickly picked up my night gown and
entered his kitchen…. There was Lizzy hiding behind the door half naked, we were both shocked at each other’s sight…we started arguing under tone… not long after we heard moans, and groans, so I decided to go peep wondering
who that could be, this man has been sleeping with me, my
cousin and my mom which am not really sure off….I was
heartbroken to see my mom being banged so hard by the tenant in his bed room, as I went out to peep tracing the sound of the moans, even though Lizzy stopped me…I stormed into the room because I couldn’t stand the sight.
They both looked at me, as tears trickled down my face out
of pain, guilt and regrets..
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