Indulgent Husband and Sweet Wife

Chanakya Neethi - 2

Speaking falsehood, starting a work without giving it any consideration, or thought, daredevilry, deceitful behaviour, foolish acts, greed, impurity and cruelty: these are basic to the nature of women.

Only great penance can earn one: the rich food to eat, a good digestive power to dispose it, a beautiful woman for wife, and virility to ravish her and riches with charitable disposition to use the money for good causes.

This very earth is heaven for one whose son is obedient, the wife is faithful, and whose heart is content with what money he has got.

The son is obedient to his father, a true father is one who looks after his sons/daughters, similarly true friend is one who is trustworthy and true wife is one who makes her husband happy.

A friend who talks flatteringly sweet things overtly and covertly tries to harm, should be gotten rid of without delay. He is like a pot that is filled with poison but is topped with cream to deceive.

A friend who is no good, should not be trusted and a friend who is not proven bad should also be not trusted with your secrets because he might reveal them when he is not on good terms with you.

What plan you have thought of in your mind should not come on your tongue. Contemplate and rethink over in keeping it guarded. Put the idea or plan into action without voicing it.

Stupidity is a woe, the youthful days are woeful, but living on other's mercy is woe extreme.

Every hill does not contain gems, every elephant has no mani-pearl in its forehead, and every place is no home of nobles and every forest does not grow sandalwood trees.

The wise persons should groom their children carefully to make them persons of high qualities and see them employed in productive work. Only the persons of learning and qualities find respect in the society.

Those parents are worst enemies of their children who do not teach them letters and educate them. Because an uneducated person is spurned in the assembly of learned people. He is a total misfit as a crane in the flock of stately swans.

Too much indulgence spoils a child. Rebuke and cane helps in the development of the child. So, the children and students must be kept straight through use of stick and rebuke. Don't indulge them.

A man must read and study a sloka every day. If it is not possible read half of it, or a part of it or at least a word. Never let any day go without some study of a written word. One should make his day fruitful by doing good work and study. Indulgent Husband and Sweet Wife

The following take no time to perish: the trees growing on a river bank, a woman who lives in other man's house and a king who has bad ministers.

The power of Brahmins is their knowledge, the power of the kings is their armies, the power of traders is their money and the power of the lower classes is their service.

A prostitute deserts impoverished customer, subjects desert a vanquished king, birds desert trees that have ceased to bear fruits and a surprise guest leaves quickly after partaking food.

Brahmins leave the house of their clients soon after receiving alms. The pupils leave the place of their guru after completing the education and the creatures of the forest run away from it when the forest is on fire.

One who befriends a person of bad character, a person of bad intentions a person who is a sinner or a person who lives at an evil place, gets destroyed in quick time.

The friendship is proper between two people of the same rank or social status, the best job is to be in the service of the king, trading is the best occupation and a pretty woman is the most graceful in the home setting.