I Work As a Healer In Another World's Labyrinth City

We were so excited that the treatment seemed to be successful. Unfortunately it wasn't, our excitement quickly shifted to sadness & despair. She became severely ill with pneumonia, lung infections & even a slight scratch on her skin would cause an infection. Her immune system was compromised because of the treatments. As time went on she began feeling pain in different areas of her body. Her hips were hurting her, her bones were hurting her, she couldn't even get a comfortable night's rest. She sleeps sitting up because if she lays down she can't breathe. We then found out that she has cancer in her hips, cancer in her bones, the cancer in her lungs was still there despite the treatment she received. We found out she has multiple blood clots; a couple in her leg & a few in her chest. She then had blinding cataracts in both of her eyes. She hadn't been able to see for about a year. She got one of the cataracts removed & could finally see out of one eye. Just yesterday we found out she had multiple strokes. We weren't sure what was causing the strokes until today. She now has 15 lesions of cancer in her brain. She will be starting an intense regimen of radiation. I Work As a Healer In Another World's Labyrinth City