I Quit Being a Noble I Become a Commoner

Today is the day, we are offically homeless. Our time in GAS TOWN has been an experience.
We now venture into the new. what will that look like? who will we meet? we are driving to Calgary today. The cool thing is we are living each day of our lives.
Many years ago Terry and I came to Canada. We had no idea what the future would be. We needed to be loved and healed up and we were. I remember that everyday seemed to hold a new experience.
we have lived in Victoria, Kelowna and Vancouver. I have tripped up and I have experienced Grace beyound words. Terry became a world class administrator. She broke the glass ceiling . We have watched our children grow into amazing adults. We have had times where we saw them struggle and experience pain but we have also seen the victories and Gods favour on their lives. we are so proud of them. I Quit Being a Noble I Become a Commoner
So now we are old but not done. My dad always said you don't retire you refire.
I love the saying "live everyday of your life." So it's not bad being old, what's being bad is acting like it.
To me life is not the pursuit of normal. life is living in the experience of not knowing and embracing the wonder.
Goodby Gas Town it was a gas, hello new what do you hold for us? To be continued.....hint think portugal.