Humans are the Strongest Race~starting a Slow Life with an Elf Wife In a Different World

THE FOUR CORNERS. (love, education, career and
Episode 8.
The sack bag was filled with water, i tried by all means to untie myself but i couldn't. Unfortunately, i was drowned in the river.
Ben and his group left the forest.
As i was in the river, i tried fighting for my life but nothing seemed to be working until i accepted the fact that i was dying and everything stopped right there and then.
The last time i checked, i found myself lying down near the river, the first thing i saw was the blue sky, i looked around i saw someone and that someone was my friend ken.
We started talking.
Ken: toon are you ok?
Me: yeah...(while coughing).
Ken: you were drowned in the river.
Me: i thought i was dead.
Ken: yes you were almost.
Me: thank you for saving my life.
Ken: you are welcome my friend...toon i told you to be careful.
Me: did you know that i was drowned?
Ken: i was with Ben and his group the time they were planning to attack you, you know Ben is also my friend, he even asked for me to help him but i told him i was busy, when they started coming, i took a taxi and started following them behind, i was watching them when they were attacking you until they brought you here and threw you in to the river, i was hiding in the tree and waited until they left, thats when i came quickly to your rescue. Humans are the Strongest Race~starting a Slow Life with an Elf Wife In a Different World
Me: why are you even friends with Ben anyway?
Ken: me and Ben have been friends since childhood, his parents are friends to my parents, so i know Ben more than any one else.
Me: me get up so that we go home.
Ken: alright my friend, let me take you home.
We left the forest and reached the tarmac(road).
Luckily, ken had some money so we took a taxi and went straight home.
When we reached, we used a back door because i didn't want mum to see us.
We entered my bedroom and sat on my bed.
We started talking.
Ken: why didn't you want your mum to see us?
Me: she is already mad at me, so if she sees me like this she will kill me.
Ken: but...toon she is your mum and she has to know all about this.
Me: ken you don't understand.
Ken: my friend listen, you need to take a bath and tell your mum to cook something for you, trust me you will feel better.
Me: me and mum are not talking and please lets just forget it ok?
Ken: alright man.
Suddenly, there was a knock(on my bedroom's door).
Me and ken started looking at each other, shortly, mum shouted "Toon Open The Door!!!".
Shortly, ken opened the door, she entered.
We started talking.
Mum: who is this boy?
Me: he is ken, my friend from school.
Mum: and why are you looking like that? was it raining in this summertime? or maybe you were fighting, explain to me.
Me: no mum...(while rubbing on my head).
Mum: hey there, ken tell me what happened.
Ken: it was Ben, he...he...
Suddenly, i received a call from Tina.
Mum and ken started looking at me while the phone was ringing.
We started talking.
Mum: who is calling?
Me: its Tina.
Mum: answer the call and put her on a louder speaker, we all want to know why she is calling because you broke up with her.
Me: yes but i have got an idear.
Mum: how is it?
Me: ken will answer the call for me.
Mum: toon what are you doing?
Me: me on this one please...
Mum: ok fine, give him the phone.
Me: thank you, ken here is the phone.
Ken: alright.
Ken answered the call.
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