Genjitsushugisha No Oukokukaizouki

My name is Lisa Griffin,

I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors in Health Serivices Administration. My heart has always been in Emergency Room Nursing. I have had the following certifications for at least 13 years.

Advanced Cardiac Life SupportPedicatric Advanced Life SupportNeonatal ResusuctationBasic Life SupportEKG interuptationTrauma Nursing Certification

With all of the above experience I wish when I was working in the ER the Helo technology was already invented. We could have saved so many lives just from monitoring critical parameters from a device you wear on your wrist. The Helo does all of this, just from wearing it on your wrist.

EKG to detect left threatening cardiac arrythmias that can provide you with early decttion and an ER visit to prevent Cardiac Arrest, Heart attacks, and so much more.Blood pressure monitoring to prevent stroke and ensure your physician diagnosis properly and starts you on the right treatment plan and medications Heart rate monitoring to ensure you are getting enough oxygen to heart and other vital organs, wheather too slow or too fastRespirations if you have COPD, ASTHMA, ANXIETY, and much more. Sleep cycle indicator to ensure you are getting proper sleep. Enough REM sleep and your sleep/wake cycle so you can get proper treatment, and make possible indication of sleep apnea with combined above features.Oxygen saturation monitoring, Steps,Body Temp, Blood Glucose monitoring without a finger stick so you don't have to poke yourself nearly as often, and can help monitor the foods you are eaing that are raising you blood sugar Blood, Alcohol monitoring,Mosquito Sheild--no more chemicals,Ovulation tracking, Business opprotunity and much more. Guradian alerts if any parameters are outside of normal it will notify your loved one immediately and help can be initiated faster. When having a heart attack time is muscle, the longer it takes to get medical help, the more damage is being done to the heart....SOS with GPS tracking. So many human trafficing cases in the USA today. Your Child or older parent with demntia just has to push panic button twice and you will get an exact GPS location to track them. Genjitsushugisha No Oukokukaizouki

When I was working in the ER this could have prevented so many deaths due to cardiac issues, stroke, diabetes, alcholol related care accidents and death. Look at the 2 minute video with the first link below, and contact me if intrested in saving yours, or a loved ones life.

Lisa Griffin


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