Excruciating Deep Love with You

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” ~ Lao Tzu

It’s hard to believe how far my family and I have come with our lifestyle in the last five years. It also continues to amaze me how much driving force and passion can lie within a mother for her children.

My first step towards a more natural lifestyle all began with an email forwarded from a family friend containing an article on why babies should skip rice cereal. In fact, it has been almost 5 years to date (I ... got the email on 10/30/11). Andrew was nine months at the time and I was completely ignorant to the whole world of natural living. I had weaned him off breastmilk at just shy of five months — an experience that I struggled with from day one — and had put him on the standard commercial formula. Excruciating Deep Love with You

When I read that email my heart sunk to the floor.

Whhhat? Babies bodies are not meant to digest grains? What?

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