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Dear All,

Kidnapping cases in Nigeria has now reached an alarming rate such that security agencies are becoming helpless. The recent kidnapping of the former Director of State Security Service, Mike Ejiofor, along Okene – Obajana Junction, Kogi State with his driver, 2 weeks ago on his way from Delta to Abuja is a serious issue to reflect upon for personal guidance. He spent 4 days with his abductors without food until ransom was paid. He travelled with his laptops, iPad and other sensitive accessories. According to him, he was kidnapped by Fulani Gunmen with sophisticated weapons. These gunmen target mainly jeeps, because they believe that once you are driving a jeep, you must be a wealthy person. He also claimed that his abductors charged according to the information and contacts found in the laptops, iPad and handsets. In view of this trend, staff are advised to adhere to the following measures while travelling: Ex Strongest Swordsmen Long For Magic In Different World

a. Keep a low profile and avoid ostentatious lifestyle.

b. Always delete all financial transactions in your iPad or handsets.

c. While travelling, take only less valuables items with you.

d. Avoid late travelling, plan your trip on time.

e. Avoid sitting at the back of the vehicle (owners corner), it gives impression that you are the owner of the vehicle.

f. Do not accept nor offer lift to strangers.

g. While travelling, avoid expensive clothing and jewelries, dress moderately.

h. Information about financial transactions and travels should be handled with the highest level of confidentiality.

i. Take a flight, if you can afford it.

j. While walking around or driving through a hot-spot, be extra vigilant.

Please do the following if been unfortunate to be a victim:

a. Remain calm.

b. Don’t attempt to escape.

c. Remember to cooperate and emphatic with your abductors.

d. Your abductors may ask for contact person, do not mention your company’s name unless detected but mention your mother or close friends for negotiation to your release.

e. Always follow their instructions to avoid being bullied or killed.

f. Let your negotiators be friendly with your abductors to avoid being beaten or killed.

g. Do not attempt to look at your abductors face eyeball-to-eyeball.

The most high God shall always be our security, both day and night. Please disseminate.