Everyone Else is a Returnee

*Act Of Faith*
Season 2
Episode: Episode 34

None of us dared to break the kiss, it was like making up for lost time, we stayed hook to each other until we finally broke it and then she bursted into tears. " Gabriel, you are alive?" She asked , " Yes love, am alive, I never died, I wasn't killed" I told her smiling, " Gabriel, I miss you" She said crying harder and resting her head on my chest, " I missed you too" I told her, " Where have you been for two years? " she asked me, " I stayed in the jungle, I lived there for two years" I told her, " You even look like a cave man, look at your beards" She smiled, " Look at you, you have grown more beautiful and looking more sexy, hey, I hope another man is not taking care of my wife?" I asked her laughing " No, I took care of myself for you with the hope that one day you will return" She said turning around for me to have a clearer view of her. " I can see you were really expecting me to return when you shut the bedroom door yesterday, of course you were really expecting" I told her laughing, she punched my chest playfully. " You don't just expect me to run into your hands, everyone thought you were dead" She told me, " I saw another guy with you yesterday, where is he?" She asked me, " He is my jungle friend, he is in the guest room resting" I told her and she nodded. " Thank God for giving me a second chance" She said resting on my body, I lifted her up and carried her to the sitting room. " Remember, you told my ghost you will change for good yesterday" I told her and she bursted into laughter, " Yes and that's a promise" She said as I sat down on the sofa with her on my laps, " Am really sorry for all I did to you and all I caused you" She said bowing her head, " Hmm , I am not forgiving you o" I told her smiling, she lifted her head up a little to look at my face, " I know you have forgiven me" She smiled, " I have not o" I told her, " Please now, I was only being childish then, I have learnt my lesson now and am ready to change for good, please forgive me" She said placing her hand round my neck, " Hmmm, are you sure?" I asked staring directly at her face, she nodded and twisted her mouth in the manner I like. " Then, I forgive you" I told her smiling, " Thank you" She said and busted into tears, " No, Joy, enough of you crying, its okay" I said wiping her tears, " Hey, in this part of the world, we call it tears of Joy" She told me, " Oh, I see" I nodded and she hit my chest again. " Let me go prepare breakfast, you guys must be hungry" She told me, " You don't need to ask my dear" I said as she got up my laps, " Don't miss me much" She said planting a kiss on my lips before leaving, " God please, let this change be for good" I prayed as I watched her sway her massive waist away. I got up and headed for the guest room where Darlington was , " You took long, how did it go?" He asked me, " It was good man" I smiled, " She believes you now?" He asked, " Yes now, she is even cooking for us, come, she needs to see you" I told him, " Am scared, I have never spoken to a girl since I was born " he told me, " Don't worry bro, girls don't bite" I drew him up as we made out of the room and headed to the sitting room waiting for Adanna who came in some minutes later. " Hi, good morning " Adanna greeted him as she came closer to us, " Good morning ma'am" Darlington greeted while I pinched him, " Just good morning Joy, why adding ma'am?" I asked him in a whisper, " Oh, good morning Joy" Darlington greeted again, Adanna smiled. " Am Darlington, I live in the..." I knew I had to interrupt him at this point, " This is Darlington, my friend , we met at the Jungle" I told her, Darlington nodded bending his head low, "Oh, I see, its nice meeting you Darlington" She said, Darlington only nodded with his head still bent low, Adanna gave me that look like to ask " Is your friend alright?" I turned to Darlington as scratched my head, " Yes, he is perfectly fine, this is how he behaves when he is very hungry" I lied, " Oh, am so sorry" Adanna said rushing back towards the kitchen, " What's wrong with you man?" I asked him, " I don't know, I have never spoken to a woman before talk more of a beautiful one like your wife" He said, I pitied him. " See, ladies don't bite, just feel free and talk to her, she can't do a thing guy, she can't beat you in a fight, so tell me, why are you scared?" I asked him, " Okay, I will try compose myself now " He said, I nodded. Adanna soon started to set the table, she had finished cooking. " Don't be shy man, just calm down, let's go eat" I told him, " Hey, am a man, am not scared" he told me. " Okay guys food is ready come and eat" Adanna informed us, " Thank you so much, have been starving" Darlington said, " That's my man" I whispered to myself. Everyone Else is a Returnee

It was the afternoon of the same day, we had all freshened up and we were in my garden where I and Adanna always relaxed every evening. I have succeeded in telling her all that happened, from when we came to rescue her to when I was taken to the jungle to be killed and how the girl which I suspect to be the Mole had set me free, and how I survived in the Jungle until I met Darlington, I told her everything that happened. " Hmm, you really went through a lot" She told me, she was sitting on my laps and Darlington was just beside us, " The problem now is getting the mole" Darlington said and Adanna nodded, " Darlington , first help me beg my husband, tell him am sorry for the way I behaved when I realized he was a spy" Adanna told him, " He has already forgiven you" Darlington smiled, " Don't mind her" I told him, " Now the latest news is that my friend Israel is dead" I told her, " Which Israel, the one I know?" She asked me, " Yes " I nodded as tears formed in my eyes, " Who killed him? " she asked in a cracking voice, " Sir Jude, his boys killed him, he died for Newriton" I told her with tears falling off my eyes, " It's okay dear, stop crying" She told me as tears also fell off her eyes too, " He lived as a hero, he will always be remembered" She said, I nodded and wiped her tears. " It's okay man, you have cried enough already" Darlington patted me. " Wait" Adanna suddenly looked up at us, " Gabriel, you said the mole was the one sent to kill you, a girl from Newriton that was on a mask?" She asked me, I nodded, " And if I get you very clearly, she was there with you at Sir Jude Ike's base when they captured you?" She asked, I nodded. " And that same time, with her being there, they could still watch Newriton clearly through a screen?" She asked, " Yes, where are you driving at?" I asked her, " Dear look at this, if the girl was at Sir Jude Ike's base and at the same time they could still watch Newriton through a screen, then the mole you are looking for is not actually a human being, THE MOLE IS A BUG" she told me.