Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King’s Wife

Fake profile: Lona Gilbert, here is another example of how scammers try to lure you to their fake profiles. Often posing as "relatives" or "friends" of the fake profile.
hello dear my father thinks you are cute but he is afraid to talk to you can you add him up?
XXXX: Why can't he talk to me what is he afraid of? What's wrong with him that he can't come to me? is he ugly? I bet it's that he's ugly
Lona Gilbert
no he handsome but he afraid you might run away scared if he just ... approach you
XXXX: Well where would I run to? If I run I might trip and hit my head and get a concussion and I won't remember meeting him and he will say he is my husband and he's not I'm scared now. Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King’s Wife
Lona Gilbert
no ma he love your style so smooth and cool please let me find you love with him
XXXX: Okay sounds legit, what does he look like does he have a photo?
(sends photo)
Lona Gilbert
he is handsome and wealthy man who he want you to be his wife ma
XXXX: Great! I like em rich. If he wants to marry me he has to meet me and speak to me first.I ain't puttin on my wedding dress for a ghost he looks like he is deep in thought
Lona Gilbert
ya ma he want to come to see you he say he will send you a friend request ma okay he thinking of you then take that photo okay
XXXX: well I'm waiting what's it's name? I get tons of friend requests from men in the military and on oil rigs and ship captains.
Lona Gilbert
oh ma you have many mens?
XXXX: Oh yes it's natural when I'm so beautiful
XXXX: Hello??? LOL


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