Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

A spiritual path which is not a part of existing religions (rather it is the origin of religions), does not require renunciation or conversion, promotes love and harmony, focuses on practice rather than theory, spirit rather than mind, is the way to God and the True Self. For the first time, the plan and purpose of God's creation has been explained clearly and convincingly. Practice rather than belief (faith) is the key. It also provides the direction for those who seek awakening / enlightenment. What should one do after one's ego has resolved? What's next after Nirvana or Samadhi? It makes the path quicker and more enjoyable. But there is a lot more, like suffering, karma, illness and life after death, etc. You can google the nearest Sukyo Mahikari Centre in your neighbourhood. Most likely there is one.

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A brief transcript of the words of gratitude (with Chinese Translation 中文翻译) offered on 4/11/2018 at the 59th Autumn Grand Ceremony by Dr Manojee, a kamikumite psychiatrist from Mumbai Chu Dojo, India.

"Dr Manojee is a psychiatrist having been interacting with patients for the last 30 years. He is practising psychiatry with his pediatrician wife in the same clinic. When he was studying to be a doctor, he was taught that the cause behind most disorders is mental (psychological) in origin. He chose psychiatry as a career out of his desire to help as many people as possible. -

He became a member of Sukyo Mahikari in 2012, after his wife. One of their staff had guided them. For the first six months, he was slack in the practice of giving Light. However, after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he became earnest in giving Light to his wife. As a result, his wife had no side effects from the anti-cancer treatment and could eat and sleep well and remain healthy. As a doctor, he was very astonished with the outcome and grateful for the Omitama (holy pendant enabling a member of Sukyo Mahikari to give Light) and became even more enthusiastic and joyful in giving Light. Husband and wife would find time during breaks to exchange Light, study divine teachings, visit the centre regularly to offer service including overnight security (toneri) and attend the Monthly Gratitude Ceremony.

Mysteriously, things began to change: they were able to give Light to their patients more, people from near and far would come to visit to receive Light. They were able to guide more people to visit the centre and even attend the Primary Spiritual Development course.

One person with terminal biliary (gallbladder) duct cancer felt pain-free after receiving Light and remained pain-free until his astral birth (physical death). His wife joined Mahikari and is actively offering service.

A young girl from a single-mum family with the habit of cutting her wrist with a knife came with her mother for treatment. They were at a loss for help having found many treatment methods to no avail. After the mother received Light a few sessions, the daughter's self-harm activities stopped completely. In fact, she had improved so much that she was able to look for a job with the aim to further her studies at the university.

A boy with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and violent behavior was brought by his father. They had tried other therapies for a year with little change. After both father and son received Light for a short while, the boy's condition improved and he started to use polite language such as 'thank you' and 'excuse me'. This is based on the revelation: "When the upstream of the river (parent) is purified, the downstream (child) will become clean" and the fact that parents and children are connected spiritually by unseen spiritual cords.

Last Autumn, Dr Manojee was permitted to be bestowed with Advanced Omitama (holy pendant) after attending the Advanced Spiritual Development Course by Oshienushisama (teacher / spiritual leader of Sukyo Mahikari) directly. He recalled Oshienushisama's gaze of love and compassion, felt being enveloped by warm sensations as if Oshienushisama saying to him: "I will always be by your side''.

Now they have a special room in their clinic for Light exchange and kumite from nearby come to support. Patients commented that the atmosphere in the clinic is warm and filled with positive vibrations. The good doctor and wife look forward to inaugurating the holy Goshintai (the holy scroll of God) and, by combining spiritual and physical medical sciences, make their clinic a true oasis of salvation filled with Light.


2012年隨妻子後在一位雇员的推荐下成為崇教真光的神组手。加入后六個月裡,他觉得自己并不很热诚于施光。但当他的妻子被診斷患有乳腺癌後,他开始認真地施光給妻子。結果,妻子沒有遭受到抗癌治療的副作用,可以吃得好,睡得好,一直保持健康状况。身為醫生他對此感到非常驚訝和對穿戴的使他能施光的Omitama萬分感恩,並且在施光方面變得更积极。夫妻俩在休息時間會找時間施受光,阅读神书,定期到中心服務包挂舍人服务(中心守夜)並參加月並祭典礼。不可理喻的事開始發生了:他們能夠更多地為他們的病人施光,來自遠近的人會來到访並接受光。他們能夠引導更多人訪問真光中心,甚至參加初级研修课程。 Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife



去年秋天,Manojee 医生參加了上級研修课程,之後被允許直接由Oshienushisama(教主)佩戴Omitama(神聖灵牌)。回憶起Oshienushisama充满愛的注視,他感到被溫暖的感覺籠罩著,仿佛Oshienushisama對他說:“我將永遠在你身邊”。