Descent of the Phoenix – 13 Years Old Princess Con

Picture Shuru & Disney India 's Jagga Jasoos had a good plot as a premise of a detective story. And it would've been really good had it been executed just so. But nooo! Let's make it a children's film, not like a Hollywood children's movie with witty humour that can be enjoyed by young adults too, but diabetic and nauseating kind of sweet where you give a little girl's voice to a young boy just because - cute lagta hai! And since it's a children's movie produced on a huge scale, let's bring in Disney to cum its stereotypical load of colour and melodrama and musical all over it! But wait, this looks like a product for 10-13 year olds, our TG should be even younger: let's make the hero stammer to make him look adorable, so much so that he can't even utter his own fucking name. And make him sing instead of speak every-freaking-line as a remedy to his speech problem. Also, the actress should have "inspired a Barbie doll figurine" on her resume, because: adds credibility to children's movie agenda. Descent of the Phoenix – 13 Years Old Princess Con
When your poor little story is weighed down by Disney's hyper-creative canvas, the annoying rhyming dialogues sung in a quasi-tune under the facade of a musical, caricaturish and childish stunt sequences, you don't care about the mystery anymore, you don't care about the story. You still plod on with the movie hoping that there will be at least one scene with a sane dialogue. But what you get is scene after scene of even the tertiary characters singing and dancing making it seem more of a Shiamak Davar movie than an Anurag Basu's.
You know those lame and pointless "fashion shows" every college has during their "fests" thinking that they're emulating the real deal? The movie is exactly that "college fashion show", thinking that it's emulating a Sweeny Todd (2008 film) or a Les Miserables - Musical .
If anyone watched it till the end, let me know if my views are biased, because I walked out during the interval.
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