Battling Records of the Chosen One

I just want you to know what is going through my head in the last 24 hrs. The Billionaire arrested on sex crimes. The Wiseman guy from Hollywood I think, who was big donor to Clinton, and Bill was guest on the billionaire' plane 27 times and under age girls were transported on that plane, records show. Add this all up. The Democrats are much like the Shria, Islamic law allowing this. VP Pence said the battle was between Good an evil. How true. These guys are disgusting. Biden is part of that. Ah Babylon, God had chosen you to rule over His people, as One Nation Under God. But Babylon is fallen, is fallen and has become the habitation of every evil and wicked spirit. Oh Lord have Mercy upon your children. Send them your Messenger to make a way for your Holy Spirit to lead and guide them for evermore. Amen Battling Records of the Chosen One