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Examples of incomplete dominance are:

???? A snapdragon flower that is pink as a result of cross-pollination between a red flower and a white flower when neither the white or the red alleles are dominant.


???? A brown fur coat on a rabbit as a result of one rabbit's red allele and one rabbit's white allele not dominating.

???? A child with wavy hair as a result of one parent's curly hair and the other's straight hair.

???? An Andalusian foul produced from a black and a white parent is blue.

???? A carnation that is pink that is a result of cross-pollination between a red carnation and a white carnation.

???? A black sheep and a white sheep mate and have a grey sheep.

???? A black dog and a brown dog mate and the result is a dog with a brindle coat.

???? A white cat and a brown cat mate and the result is an orange cat.

???? A tall horse and short horse mate and the offspring is off medium stature.

???? A big American Bulldog and a small American Bulldog mate and their offspring is medium-sized.

???? A blue bird and a red bird mate and the resulting offspring have mixed colors.

???? A light-skinned person and a dark skinned person produce a child with a skin color that is in between each.

???? A brown rat and a white rat mate and create a rat with a mixed color coat.

???? If a red tulip and a white tulip are cross pollinated they result is a pink tulip.

???? A highly spotted cat and a cat without spots has an offspring that has only some spots.

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Examples of Incomplete Dominance Incomplete dominance is a genetic term when an allele for one trait only partly dominates an allele for another. Some examples of incomplete dominance will An Oddette's Otherworld Odyssey