A Slight Smile is Devastating


"So, where are we going?" Angela's stepfather questioned as he closed the car door.
"Your place." Angela responded intentionally, observing his expression as she put on the seat belt.
"What?" He blurted and Angela laughed at that. "Why? Don't you want me to come over to your place?"
Her stepfather chuckled nervously. "Not that at all. It's okay if you want to."
"I was kidding." Angela grinned trying to ease him. "I'm famished. Are you?"
Her stepfather smiled. "Late lunch it is."
Angela returned the smile and looked out the window as he drove off to a destination known only to him. She had so much hatred for the man sitting next to her yet she had to act like she did not at all because she had a goal. She was ready to do everything in her power to make him pay for all he put her through.
After a while, he stopped and parked in front of an eatery, then they both got out.
When they got into the eatery, Angela observed the place. It was beautiful, small and cozy. The waiters and waitress had a special smile that seemed to be painted on their face to last forever. Angela wondered if they ever got tired of smiling. She knew how tired they must be already but then she understood how it felt like to keep a gay face and attend to customers even when flabbergasted, considering she was working at a hotel. Taking two seats at a corner in the eatery. They settled down and made their orders. When the waiter arrieved with their food, they ate silently.
"So what do you do Daniel?" Angela broke the silence, addressing her stepfather by his name.
"Well, I run my company." Her stepfather replied simply with his mouth full.
"Whooh so I am with a CEO?" Angela threw in jokenly, toying with her fork and they both laughed.
"That's nice." Angela complimented sipping some water. "What's the company about?"
"It's actually a production company. We produce soap and cream." Her stepfather replied, taking a bite of the roasted chicken before him.
"Really?" Angela raised a brow. She never could have thought that the stepfather she knew who use to be an educationist was now into production. "What's the name?"
"Daella." He sipped some water.
"I think I have come across something like that around here." Angela pointed out. "Daella body wash. You own that, right?"
Her stepfather nodded with a slight chuckle and Angela gaped. "No way! My colleague at work makes use of that. Your products are popular around here. Wow! That's amazing."
"Thanks." Her stepfather replied with a fulfilled smile.
"Your wife must be really amazing too." Angela grinned intentionally throwing that in. She needed a way to get him talking about her mother.
"What makes you think I'm married?" Her stepfather grinned at her and Angela gestured at his fingers. He laughed at that.
"She doesn't live in this city right?" Angela inquired, trying to get him to talk more about her mother. She just really wanted to know more about her mother's well-being at the moment.
"Oh that? She's not here." Her stepfather paused. "Long story."
"Tell me about it." Angela told him honestly. She wondered where her mother could be at the moment. At least he just admitted he was still married.
"Well, she lost her daughter some years back and that got her really devasted." Her stepfather began and Angela inquired with a demanding expression. "Her daughter?"
Her stepfather understood what she meant so he explained. "Yeah, she had the girl before I married her but the girl was nothing to write home about."
Angela raised a brow. "Really?"
"Yep." Her stepfather shrugged and continued. "She was always creating a lot of mess for her mother. Despite everything we did for her, all the love and care, she never really appreciated that. A little scolding and she's off the house for days until she feels like returning."
"She must be one hell of a trouble." Angela told him, wondering why an adult like that could tell huge lies about his own stepdaughter. If only he knew, she was the girl he was lying about.
"You can say that again." Her stepfather sighed. "You can't entirely please a kid right? She ran off one of the days and never returned again."
Angela gaped, shocked at how bad he had just painted her. What if she was a total stranger? She could have just ended up having negative thoughts about herself. "She must__must__. Wow!"
"Yeah right?" Her stepfather chuckled. "My wife was devastated at that. We did all we could but couldn't find her. We just had to accept the fact that she must have been dead. I couldn't even help my wife get over it." He paused briefly. "It was hard for us but when we could not find her after a year, we had to accept it. My wife however, could not take it. She was thinking a lot. Doing all she could to get her baby back and one of the days, while she was getting back from a friend of hers who was helping her out, she was so worried that she couldn't think straight and she ran into a car." A Slight Smile is Devastating
"What?" The words hit Angela like a huge rock as her heart skipped. Pouring herself a glass of water shakily, she gulped it down.
"Yeah." Her stepfather nodded pausing again, as if requesting for permission to continue.
"What happened afterward?" Angela was getting extremely scared. Praying silently that her mother was okay now.
"She died."
Angela froze as she lost hold of the glass she was holding, shattering it on the floor.

To be continued..

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