A Lovely Girl Turning into a Rat

ALL FOR LOVE episode 7
written by favour Ekine
"You are disgusting,annoying and pathetic.what made you think you could walk down here and touch me the way you please?" I fired.she smiled "Hana it hasn't gotten to that.I just wanted to..." I cut in."wanted to what?,you animal!" I thundered."Ok Ok,Hana, I know you are spoilt.but don't bring it to my side.am also a girl like you.I have feelings. And I won't watch you call me names"she said.I moved closed to her"Ella,what would you do?,you are nothing but a dead rat"I said and she pushed me away. "Your breath..." Before she could finish, I landed her two hot slaps."awww,you brat!"she screamed and attacked me.we began to fight.
soon people gathered and Vincent came out and separated us."what is wrong with the both of you?"he asked."its Ella, I just arrived and she's all over me.insulting and fighting me"I lied."why?,Ella why would you do that?"he asked.Ella looked at me with surprise. "Vincent how can you believe what she's saying?,you sent me to check around if Hana had arrived and I did.I met her,played with her a little but this was the result" she explained.Vincent turned to me"why were you fighting with Ella?"he asked and I smiled. "Vincent, I just told you that she attacked me.why then are u asking that?"I said pretending to be innocent. Vincent looked at both of us obviously confused. He grabbed my hand." Come with me"he drew me inside he's house and room. "Vincent, you are hurting me!,what did I do wrong?" I asked.He sat on he's chair and smiled. Ok he's smile was cute but what is wrong with him."why are you smiling Vincent?"I asked."first am so sorry for sending Ella to pick you up,its your first time in my house,I should have been the one to pick you.so am sorry"he apologized and I went close to him."its OK.just that Ella and I can never be friends. She's bad Vincent, don't let her come close to you.she would ruin your things and life"I said trying to poison he's mind. A Lovely Girl Turning into a Rat
To be continued...
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